Dodgers’ Max Scherzer ‘overcooked’ his arm, but thinks he can start potential NLCS 7 game – .

Dodgers’ Max Scherzer ‘overcooked’ his arm, but thinks he can start potential NLCS 7 game – .

With the Braves holding a 3-2 best of seven NLCS lead over the Dodgers, Game 6 is set for Saturday night in Atlanta. Future Hall of Fame member Max Scherzer was lined up to start Game 6 for the Dodgers on regular rest, but news broke Friday night that he had been scratched due to right arm fatigue. Walker Buehler will instead start Game 6 with a short rest. He was lined up for a potential Game 7 – if the Dodgers won Game 6 to stay alive – but now Scherzer thinks he might be okay with making this one.

He spoke to reporters on Saturday and said he overcooked his arm (via Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register). This is likely due to the fact that he pitched an inning to close NLDS Game 5 against the Dodgers after two days off, and then started NLCS Game 2 after just two more days off. He only lasted 4 1/3 innings in Game 2 and was noticeably gassed. After the match, he said his arm was “dead”.

As for Game 7, if it does happen, Scherzer said he’s confident he can start it, but he’s not entirely sure how long he can continue (via Chelsea Janes du Washington Post). He noted that he was able to throw to a distance of 90 feet each of the last two days and couldn’t do so the days before after coming out of Game 2.

Overall, that’s probably good news for the Dodgers, but it doesn’t look like they’re fielding a vintage, top-notch Mad Max outing either. Scherzer is rightly an extremely confident pitcher when he’s right, so hearing him say things like he’s “not sure” doesn’t inspire confidence.

Of course, he is also a top notch competitor. In the 2019 World Series, he was scratched from his scheduled start for Game 5 due to a neck injury so severe he couldn’t even sit properly. He ended up gutting five innings without having his best asset in Game 7, which the Nationals won.

Ultimately, Scherzer is on the table for the start of Game 7, if the Dodgers win Game 6, and it wouldn’t surprise much if he takes the hill.


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