Dismissed student dressed up in a big suit before throwing acid in his ex’s face – .

Dismissed student dressed up in a big suit before throwing acid in his ex’s face – .

Milad Rouf threw the corrosive substance at Rym Alaoui’s face (Photo: PA)

“Cruel and jealous” medical student disguised himself in a big suit and threw sulfuric acid in his ex-girlfriend’s face in a “premeditated, malicious and heartbreaking” attack on his doorstep .

Talented junior doctor Rym Alaoui suffered ‘unimaginable’ and life-changing injuries to his face, neck and chest when Milad Rouf threw the corrosive substance at him in Brighton earlier this year.

The 25-year-old wore padded clothes, makeup and sunglasses to look like a taller black woman before knocking on her door.

Lewes Crown Court heard that the disguise proved to be effective, and Dr Alaoui, also 25, did not recognize him as she opened it moments before he launched the assault.

She was rushed to Royal Sussex County Hospital, where she worked, and treated by shocked colleagues.

In a statement, Dr Alaoui said: “Since the day I suffered this horrible attack, my life has changed tremendously, I live in constant physical and psychological pain, fear of my future well-being and hardships. socio-economic.

“I have been robbed of years of my career and my young adult life. I can’t begin to imagine how or why someone could commit such a horrific and premeditated attack.

She said she feared her medical career was no longer open to her.

Rouf wore padded clothes, makeup and sunglasses to make himself look like a taller black woman (Photo: Crown Prosecution Service)

Rouf pleaded guilty to mischievously throwing sulfuric acid at his ex-girlfriend with the intention of mutilating and disfiguring her. He was sentenced to an 11-year extension of his sentence.

Prosecutor Flora Page told the court that Rouf and Dr Alaoui briefly dated while studying together in Cardiff, but that she ended the relationship and moved to the town of East Sussex where she started working as a young doctor.

Instead of moving on, Rouf spent weeks planning his attack before heading to Brighton on May 20.

Pictures released by police show handwritten shopping lists for various costumes found in his apartment.

Police found handwritten shopping lists for various costumes found in her apartment (Photo: PA)

Ms Page said: “Using padded clothes and makeup he impersonated a tall black woman.

“At the time of the attack at 4:15 pm, he was dressed all in black and he was wearing a face mask, sunglasses and a face shield. “

Rouf showed her a threatening note written on a notepad – being careful not to speak and not betray herself – before throwing 60% concentrated sulfuric acid in her face as she leaned over to read it.

Despite her quick wit in going straight to the shower to bathe and the actions of medical staff, she was left with devastating injuries.

Sentencing him, Judge Christine Laing QC declared that the trauma suffered by Dr Alaoui was “unimaginable”.

She added, “You bought sulfuric acid, as a medical trainee you would know much better than most of the devastating consequences it has when applied to the human body. “

BEST QUALITY AVAILABLE Undated Sussex Police photo of Milad Rouf, 25, of Cardiff, who was jailed after disguising himself in a big suit and throwing sulfuric acid in the face of his ex-little one friend, talented junior doctor Rym Alaoui who was left with devastating facial injuries after the horrific attack in Brighton earlier this year when she was trapped at her doorstep.  He was given an extended prison term, including 11 years in jail to protect the public, when he appeared in Lewes Crown Court on Thursday afternoon.  Issue date: Thursday, October 7, 2021. PA Photo.  See the story of PA COURT Acid.  Photo credit should read: Sussex Police / PA Wire NOTE TO EDITORS: This handout photo may only be used for editorial reporting purposes for contemporary illustration of events, things or people in the image or the facts mentioned in the legend.  Reuse of image may require additional permission from the copyright holder.

Rouf was given an extended 11-year sentence (Photo: PA)

Judge Laing said Rouf acted out of “sheer jealousy and anger at being rejected”.

After the hearing, investigating officer Rose Horan said: “This was a premeditated, malicious and heartbreaking incident and I want to thank the victim for showing such bravery and dignity. incredible throughout the hearing. She was an inspiration and we continue to support her during this difficult time.

“The evidence we were able to uncover in this case showed that Rouf spent a considerable amount of time planning this calculated attack.

“He completely changed his appearance in a convoluted attempt to get away with this cruel act. “

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