Detroit Lions’ bag of tips isn’t enough to beat Stafford, Rams – .

Detroit Lions’ bag of tips isn’t enough to beat Stafford, Rams – .

The Detroit Lions did just about everything they could to make this one interesting. They weren’t going to get run over by the Los Angeles Rams without having a hell of a fight.

The Lions put out two false punts and a surprise kick in an attempt to move the offense against a strong Rams defense and to keep former Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford off the field. The plan worked as the Lions took a 10-0 lead.

But when Stafford was on the pitch, the Lions had no answer for him. The franchise quarterback was particularly deadly on the third down, with the Rams converting on nine of twelve attempts.

In the end, the Lions still had the opportunity to take the advantage late in the game, falling six points less than five minutes from the end. However, Jared Goff, in his chance for revenge, threw a red zone interception that sank the Lions for good. Despite another brave effort, the Lions fell to 0-7 with a 28-19 loss to the Rams.

Here is how it happened:


Ahead of the game, the Rams released two short video tributes to Lions-turned-Rams, Michael Brockers and Jared Goff. (We only took a video of Goff).

First shift

The Lions got the ball first and they finally sorted out their offensive problems early in the game. On third and 9, the Rams sent a full blitz, but the Lions responded with a perfectly-timed screen pass to D’Andre Swift. The Lions running back broke a tackle and smashed it for a 63-yard touchdown. 7-0 Lions

The Lions, not eager to see Matthew Stafford in a Rams jersey, landed a surprise kick and recovered.

The Lions came out three and three… but not quite. Because the Lions continued with their bag of stuff with a fake punt as Jack Fox found Bobby Price for a 17-yard gain.

The Lions picked up another first try before settling for a basket and taking a 10-0 Lions mean.

Unfortunately, the Lions couldn’t keep Stafford off the field forever. Detroit didn’t kick back in a row and Stafford made them pay off. On his second assist of the game, Stafford found Cooper Kupp for a 29-yard pass over Tracy Walker’s header. Detroit’s defense would get a stoppage in the red zone as Stafford under pressure had to throw him in the third and fourth. Matt Gay kicked a 33-yard basket to get it right 10-3 Lions.

The Lions offense continued to move the ball down the field without needing to play tricks. Goff found Hockenson for a 21-yard gain, and Jamaal Williams followed up with a 12-yard run to put the Lions in field position late in the first quarter.

Second quarter

A hold penalty seemed to threaten Detroit’s reach for the baskets, but a draw in the third and 17 yards netted 14 yards, setting up a 47-yard field goal from Austin Seibert.

The kick was good. 13-3 Lions.

The Lions defense appeared to have left the field with a three-and-out, but Jerry Jacobs was called up for a 32-yard pass interference penalty that seems sketchy at best. Your turn to judge :

The Rams got some third clutch tries to extend the practice, including Van Jefferson’s goal assist on a third and 7. 13-10 Lions.

If you were looking for a strong response from the Lions offense here, you are going to be disappointed. After two failed screen passes, the Lions missed a third and -15 and went three and out.

Stafford immediately got back to work, connecting on another big play at Kupp, this time for 27 yards. Then he connected with Robert Woods on a third and 6 for 22 yards. A few plays later, the Stafford found Kupp for a 2-yard touchdown on a well-designed play (another third-down conversion). 17-13 Rams.

The Lions were able to execute a fairly successful two-minute drill thanks to some nice precision passes from Goff, including a big 20-yard pass to Kalif Raymond. The Lions’ practice would stop in Rams territory, but they prepared Seibert for a successful 41-yard kick to get him to a one-point game at halftime. 17-16 Rams.

Third quarter

The Lions defense got their first save of the game in LA’s first possession in the second half. Tracy Walker landed the BOOM on Rams running back Darrell Henderson to break a pass on second down, and Julian Okwara picked up the sack on third down.

The Lions didn’t look like they’re about to take advantage of the Rams’ first punt, but they then returned to their bag of stuff for a third game of tricks. This time, Detroit faked a punt by going directly to CJ Moore for a 28-yard gain.

The Lions started riding the field, but then they got a little too brave. After D’Andre Swift got pissed off on a third and a 1, they quickly lined up to try it again on a fourth and a. Swift was pissed off again, as the Lions hit a 36-yard field goal to take the lead, and came back empty instead.

The Rams’ offense had an almost identical situation. After getting stuffed third and 1, they opted for fourth and 1 from midfield. But Stafford’s deployment of action was unrelated to Tyler Higbee and the Lions recovered the ball from their own 46-yard line.

Detroit quickly returned to the range with a nice crossover trajectory from Raymond who picked up 37 yards after a huge run after the capture. Goff and Swift had poor communication on the third down, forcing the Lions to settle for a 31-yard field goal. Seibert managed to get the Lions back in the lead. 19-17 Lions.

The Detroit defense was in another position to leave the field, but Stafford connected with Cooper Kupp on a massive 59-yard pass. Alternate cornerback Daryl Worley had just replaced AJ Parker, who appeared to be suffering from an upper body injury a few games earlier. But the Lions took the lead in the fourth quarter.

Fourth trimester

The Rams were able to convert another third with a dart from Stafford to Higbee for 14 yards on third and 10. In the next play, Stafford continued to attack Worley with that 4-yard touchdown pass to Kupp. . A two-point conversion made it a six-point game. 25-19 rams.

The Lions responded with long and methodical training driven by their running game. But when the Lions entered the red zone, Jared Goff tried to push the ball into tight cover towards TJ Hockenson, and Rams corner Jalen Ramsey took it off.

From there, the Rams were able to execute a five-minute drill flawlessly, spending most of the time, then tacking a 47-yard field goal to put the game out of reach with just 58 seconds left. 28-19 Rams.

Goff would add another interception for good measure.

On the Eagles.


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