Demolition of ‘lifeline’ seaside kiosks will be a huge loss, distraught customers and owners say – .

Demolition of ‘lifeline’ seaside kiosks will be a huge loss, distraught customers and owners say – .

Buying an ice cream or enjoying a cup of tea at one of the seaside kiosks scattered along the Rhos on Sea promenade will soon be a thing of the past when they are demolished as part of the next phase of improvement work. .
The news has dismayed visitors and residents alike as the kiosks have been around for at least 60 years and are still very popular, with owners saying the summer has been the busiest yet.

Comments are currently being sought on Conwy Council’s plans to reduce the Rhos on Sea promenade route along the bottom of Cayley Wharf to one lane of traffic, towards Colwyn Bay, while the route from the Cayley’s walk will remain a two-way street.

If the green light was given, the trails would be widened on the boardwalk for cyclists and pedestrians, with the existing kiosks on the west boardwalk being removed.

Conwy’s board admits there is no funding to relocate or upgrade the kiosks, and construction will be done under a separate program.

North Wales Live spoke to some of the booth owners and their customers on a rainy and windy day to gauge their reaction.

Despite the inclement weather conditions, the kiosks were busy serving tea, fries, bits of bacon, teacakes and coffee for just £ 1.20.

Caroline Williams, who was on vacation in Stoke on Trent, said, “I’ve been coming to these booths since I was a kid.

“I’m so upset to hear that they’re going, it’s simple things like having chips and a cup of tea that make coming here so special.

“I really hope the board rebuilds them as soon as possible because it will be very empty on the promenade without them. Why can’t they get the funding before they tear them down?

“Also, how wide do they want the promenade to be?” It seems wide enough for cyclists and walkers. “

The Cayley is one of many businesses that are about to be demolished

Eirlys Roberts of Abergele, who loves the Cayley Kiosk, said: “I meet my friends here. It is a meeting place for people because it is a lovely place and the prices are reasonable.

“This place is a lifeline for many and keeps people from getting depressed. It is open 365 days a year. There is nowhere like it nowhere.

“Why shut down successful businesses like this? It is just plain silly. It will be a huge loss for so many people. “

Stuart Heptinstall from Cheshire was enjoying a burger and fries with his wife Sheila. They were also sad to hear that the kiosks had to close.

Mr Heptinstall said, “We love coming here because it’s so reasonable and in a lovely place by the sea. Why keep places like this away from working class people? These places are precious. “

Dicon Peeke, who lives in Rhos on Sea, said: “This place got me through Covid. I come here most of the time as it is a short walk from my house and I recently had a heart attack so I need to exercise.

“I meet my friends here, and coming here gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I have no idea where I’ll go when it closes. “

Mike Matta is the manager of the Coffee Pot kiosk and said that since the lease does not expire until 2025, they have no plans to close.

Mike Matta, director of The Coffee Pot

He said: “These kiosks are not obsolete as the Conwy Council says. They are doing perfectly well. The Council should spend its money on providing more toilets for people.

“They are trying to take away my livelihood and the four people we employ. Our clients are very sad when they hear about their projects. “

Moussa Salem has run the Cayley booth for 21 years. For the past 10 years, Conwy City Council has given him a temporary lease, but it ends in March and he has been told it will not be renewed.

“It’s very upsetting for me and my clients,” he said.

“I am very worried about a lot of them because they are very old and this place helps them to continue.

“The board told me that maybe I could continue trading month to month, but it’s pretty stressful because I wouldn’t know how much stock to order.

“What I would like to suggest to the town hall is to help pay for the renovation of the kiosk or even to contribute to its reconstruction. I just want to keep my livelihood and this place open for my clients.

“These kiosks are truly part of the history of Rhos on Sea. “

A council spokesperson said: “To allow more space on the promenade for cyclists and pedestrians, the existing obsolete kiosks on the west promenade will be removed.

“We are seeking funding to relocate and modernize the kiosks – this construction will be done as a separate program, but we have included the necessary space and utilities as part of this proposal.

The Horizon Shine kiosk which was developed as part of an earlier phase of the Waterfront project (a completed phase) is not part of the section currently in consultation.


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