Home Lifestyle Dave Chappelle addresses DaBaby’s reaction to homophobic comments – .

Dave Chappelle addresses DaBaby’s reaction to homophobic comments – .

Dave Chappelle addresses DaBaby’s reaction to homophobic comments – .

Dave Chappelle discusses DaBaby’s controversial comments to Rolling Loud in his new Netflix special, “The Closer.”

DaBaby is still feeling the backlash from her comments to Rolling Loud last summer. The rapper’s attempt to call and respond during his set ultimately targeted the LGBTQ community and people living with HIV / AIDS. It didn’t take long for these comments to go viral and lead to steadily declining opportunities. Dua Lipa pulled it off the “Levitate (Remix)” while festivals quietly pulled it from the lineups.
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During Dave Chappelle’s recent Netflix special, The closest, the comedian dived head first into DaBaby’s recent comments. As someone who has frequently faced allegations of homophobia and transphobia during the height of cancellation culture, Chappelle first reached out to the LGBTQ community in an attempt to “negotiate the release of DaBaby.” .

“All the questions you might have asked yourself about all those jokes I’ve been saying over the past few years, I hope to answer them tonight,” he said on the special. “And I would like to start by addressing the [LGBTQ] community directly. I want every member of this community to know that I come here tonight in peace and hope to negotiate the release of DaBaby.

Chappelle added that the LGBTQ community is probably not familiar with DaBaby’s background, including the fatal shooting at a Walmart in North Carolina that the rapper claimed to be in self-defense.

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“Much of the LGBTQ community does not know the story of DaBaby. He’s a wild type. He’s shot a *** before and killed it at Walmart, ”he said before urging the public to search for him on Google. “Nothing bad happened to his career. You see what I mean ? In our country, you can shoot and kill a ***, but you had better not hurt the feelings of a homosexual. “

Despite his poor apologies after the incident, DaBaby recently tried to redeem himself. He recently met 9 HIV / AIDS awareness organizations where he apologized for his comments to Rolling Loud. Watch the clip below.


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