Daniel Craig and Rami Malek surprise audiences before “No Time to Die” – deadline – .

Daniel Craig and Rami Malek surprise audiences before “No Time to Die” – deadline – .

Daniel Craig and Rami Malek took their Mutual Admiration Society to AMC in Burbank.

As an audience away from society prepared to watch Craig’s latest outing as 007 on the movie theater’s IMAX screen, the No time to die the duo, who have performed together all week, appeared from the left of the stage.

“I would like to introduce you to someone,” Craig said to the audience’s cheers. “This is the great Oscar-winning actor Mr. Rami Malek. “

But Malek was not left out.

“Thanks,” he said, “and he’s one of the greatest actors of all time. This is Daniel Craig.

The audience and Craig had a good laugh about it, before the star of the film presented their work.

“We made this movie in IMAX,” Craig told the crowd. “I have not seen this film in IMAX. It was designed to be seen on the big screen.

He continued, “I can’t tell you how overwhelmed, happy and elated you are. [I am] by the fact that you are sitting in this cinema about to watch this movie on this screen.

Malek praised Craig – and heartily – on Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast this week.

“I appreciate leadership on a set so much,” Malek said of the one-on-one with Craig on the project. “I enjoy it when someone is in charge and is an absolute leader like Daniel,” continued the Oscar-winning actor.

“He goes out there, he respects everyone, he inspires the people around him and uplifts everyone. “

The footage of their Burbank appearance was posted by none other than AMC Theaters President Adam Aron, who wrote above the clip, “It’s so cool. Wonderful things are happening for the guests of @AMCTheatres. Daniel Craig and Rami Malek surprised our moviegoers just before a preview screening of NO TIME TO DIE on screen AMC Burbank @ IMAX… The name is Bond, James Bond.

Watch the video below.


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