Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United LIVE: two big changes for the Magpies

Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United LIVE: two big changes for the Magpies

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So now the great slaughter is over. Mike Ashley is gone. Steve Bruce is gone. Newcastle can become united again.

We await the appointment of a new manager with increased excitement so that the take-off can begin. And the arrival of a taxi full of new players arrives in January.

Both are vitally important if one is to survive. There is still a lot of work to be done but it is a good start.

Supporters can once again join the club for a common cause.

Tottenham was a game too far under Bruce. The winless run had gone on for far too long and in hindsight it would certainly continue if he stayed put. His presence on the sideline did nothing to inspire, rather being a visual and constant reminder of failure to frustrated fans.

Eight PL games without a win. Three points out of 24. Nineteen goals conceded in eight visits to the green felt. Shocking and shocking numbers from a relatively nice dating list.

Newcastle United players train in August. (Image : Getty Images)

Worryingly but inevitably in the relegation dungeon, Newcastle are sidelined by three points and cannot allow that to develop. Especially not with European champions Chelsea next door after a visit to Smoke.

It is, however, a showdown between a team that is very difficult to beat and one that has been relatively easy to beat.

These Newcastle players cannot defend their own honor. From front to back, it’s getting worse and worse. Easily overtaken midfielder, behind four championships at best

Why Palace is so important is that the next 11 games until the end of the year and the transfer window opens give us a series of tough, difficult or terrifying games.

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