Cowboys asked Jaylon Smith to waive 2022 injury guarantee – .

Cowboys asked Jaylon Smith to waive 2022 injury guarantee – .

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The Cowboys have cut Jaylon Smith to avoid the possibility of owing his 2022 salary of $ 9.2 million, which is guaranteed in the event of injury. Before disconnecting, the Cowboys made a proposal to Smith.

Abandon the 2022 injury guarantee and we will stay the course.

Clarence E. Hill, Jr. de la Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the Cowboys asked Smith to revise his contract to eliminate the risk that they will owe him $ 9.2 million next year for injury for the remainder of the current season. Smith refused.

He might actually end up with more money this year than he would have gotten in Dallas. If he chooses to take the balance of his $ 7.2 million salary in 2021 as severance pay (all vets acquired can do this once in their careers), Smith can double the plunge, keeping his salary. full of the Cowboys plus everything he gets from the Packers.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, Smith will most likely choose to receive the remainder of his Cowboys salary as severance pay.

So Smith is getting more money and, quite possibly, more playing time with the Packers, given the quality of their linebacking body. Plus, the Packers are as many contenders as the Cowboys. And maybe they will meet in the playoffs.


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