Covid Live News: Scientists Warn UK Could Have Worst To Come; New Zealand widens lockdown as Delta spreads

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Hello from London, I am Harry Taylor and I will bring you the latest Covid-19 news and developments from around the world.

Scientists of the UK have warned the country could have even worse to come during the pandemic, as winter approaches.

They fear that more people will start socializing indoors as the weather cools, increasing the chances of transmitting the virus. At the same time, many workers started returning to the office for the first time in 18 months.

during this time New Zealand widened its lockdown as the Delta variant began to spread outside of Auckland.

A “short and sharp” lockdown was introduced in mid-August to counter the increase in cases, but 32 new cases were confirmed in the country’s largest city on Sunday, with two new cases in the Waikato area at 147 km (91 miles) south of Auckland.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern some confirmed parts of the region would be stranded for five days.


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