Covid Halloween rules in Scotland explained – guising, school discos and nightclubs – .

Covid Halloween rules in Scotland explained – guising, school discos and nightclubs – .

Enthusiastic young singers will be costumed in their best disguises as the Halloween festivities take center stage this weekend.
Nothing scary to report here – the Scottish government has given the disguise the green light this year, unlike the muted celebrations last year.

Carved pumpkins, cobwebs and masks – and not just decorative – will set the stage for a second Halloween during the pandemic.

Halloween can still be celebrated with get-togethers and fancy dress, albeit with things like passports for vaccines when needed.

However, partiers and trick-or-treaters will be bound by the same Covid rules in Scotland – with a few notable exceptions.

Scottish children will be allowed to dress up this year

Covid vaccine passport for nightclubs

People aged 18 and over can use NHS Scotland’s COVID Status app to view their immunization status.

Current guidelines for people who go out at night will require people to prove that they are fully immunized.

Scots will be asked to indicate their Covid status in the following settings:

  • late night venues
  • live indoor events with over 500 people not seated in the audience
  • outdoor live events with over 4,000 people in the audience
  • all events with more than 10,000 people in the audience

NHS Inform Scotland says: ‘Your COVID status must show that you are fully vaccinated. It is your responsibility to check the entry rules for venues and events before you leave. “

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Certain school discos prohibited

Those hoping to throw house parties will be subject to a few limitations

Scottish children hoping to dress up at a Halloween school party will unfortunately not be allowed.

To reduce the risk of the spread of Covid in schools, Scottish government guidelines advise staff to continue to avoid gatherings or large groups of children.

This has led some schools to drop Halloween celebrations for the second year in a row.

Halloween parties

Those hoping to throw house parties will be subject to a few limitations.

There are no physical distancing requirements or limits on the size of social gatherings by the government.

Wearing the mask

People indoors in public places will always need to mask themselves, including those heading to horror movies.

The Scottish government is demanding that people wear masks. By law, anyone over the age of 12 must wear a face covering in most public places in Scotland.

Places where you should wear a face covering include:

  • stores
  • bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs
  • churches and other places of worship
  • public transport, including train stations and bus stops
  • at work (including tradespeople working in people’s homes)

Hand washing and disinfection

Good hand hygiene, including during tricks or treatments, is encouraged, especially before digging into a Halloween candy stash.

In a tweet last week, Nicola Sturgeon wrote: “So please be careful: wear masks, wash your hands, ventilate indoor spaces and get vaccinated. “


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