COVID death toll rises to 7,999 as transmission, severe cases continue to decline – .

COVID death toll rises to 7,999 as transmission, severe cases continue to decline – .

The death toll from COVID-19 in Israel stood at 7,999 on Sunday evening, as new cases and serious patients continued to decline, according to statistics from the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, vaccinations against the coronavirus have declined significantly, despite the fact that millions of vaccinated Israelis still have not received a third booster dose.

As of Sunday evening, 654 Israelis had tested positive for COVID since midnight, and the positivity rate stood at 1.7%, remaining at 2% or less for more than a week. There have been 17,975 active coronavirus cases in the country, of which 537 are hospitalized and 380 are in serious condition and 164 are on a ventilator.

The number of severe cases remains at its lowest for more than two months. Two weeks ago there were 579 severe cases in the country, and a month ago there were 679.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in Israel in March 2020, 7,999 Israelis have died from the coronavirus. But the daily death rate from COVID has slowed over the past two weeks, with five deaths reported on Saturday and 10 on Friday, up from 23 two weeks ago.

According to the health ministry, more than 6.2 million Israelis have received at least one dose of the vaccine and nearly 5.7 million have received two injections. In addition, more than 3.8 million people have received a booster injection. But vaccination rates have hit a low over the past week, with around 20,000 people a day receiving the vaccine – up from nearly 90,000 two weeks ago.

A doctor prepares a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on October 7, 2021, in Jerusalem. (Olivier Fitoussi / Flash90)

As of Thursday, 16,923 Israelis received a booster dose, while nearly double that number – 33,744 – received their third injection a week earlier. Overall, nearly 67% of Israelis received at least one dose, while only 41% received all three injections.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said ahead of the cabinet meeting on Sunday morning that the end of Wave Four is in sight.

“While it’s safe to say that we’re beating the fourth wave, the Delta wave, it’s not over until it’s over,” Bennett said. “We don’t take the foot off the gas and we don’t take off the masks. Therefore, as we manage the gradual release of the Delta wave, we are preparing the infrastructure for the “Omega” scenario, the codename for a new variant, and of course, we are preparing for winter, for a combination. flu and coronavirus. “

Bennett stressed that “the state and the economy are open and the daily routine continues” as Israel conquered its fourth wave of COVID. But he reiterated that “we will not become complacent”.

Coronavirus czar Professor Salman Zarka attends a press conference on the coronavirus in Jerusalem on August 29, 2021 (Olivier Fitoussi / Flash90)

But on Sunday evening, coronavirus tsar Salman Zarka said it was too early for such an optimistic outlook.

‘I wouldn’t want to use the word [‘defeating’] “Zarka told Channel 13.” When we left the third wave, we declared the win – and we were quite surprised by the fourth wave. “

Zarka suggested that “this time we should be a little more modest”. He noted that there are still nearly 400 serious cases in Israel and that transmission continues. “We should do it slowly and carefully. We are still quite far from the situation of returning to normal life.

The coronavirus czar said he would not recommend imposing limitations “when there is no need for them, but on the other hand, I think the morbidity is still there and is still of concern”.


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