Covid-19: UK daily number crosses 50,000 again, Boris government says no to new borders

Covid-19: UK daily number crosses 50,000 again, Boris government says no to new borders

The United Kingdom (UK) is witnessing a further increase in daily cases of coronavirus disease (Covid-19). For more than a week, the country has recorded more than 40,000 cases. On Thursday, the daily tally crossed the 50,000 mark with 52,009 people testing positive for the virus, the largest single-day increase since July 17. Up to 115 patients died of the associated complications, while 29,000 others recovered during the day.

Currently, the UK has 1444,489 active cases, while the cumulative tally stands at 86 41,221 infections, 1,39,146 deaths and 70,575,886 recoveries.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Wednesday that daily cases in the UK could reach 1,000,000, adding that the pandemic was not yet over.

Increase in hospitalizations related to Covid-19

Besides the increase in cases, there has also been an increase in the number of hospital admissions. As of Thursday, 959 patients were hospitalized, bringing the total number of admissions to more than 563,000. Health facilities are again on the verge of being overwhelmed as winter approaches.

“Everything hits us at the same time,” said Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, according to a report. New York Times Report. “We are in a no man’s land,” added Spector, who is leading a major study into the symptoms of Covid-19.

No new restrictions at the moment

Despite the increased spread of the virus, Boris Johnson’s government has said no new restrictions will be reimposed at this time. “We are looking closely at the data, we are not implementing Plan B at the moment,” the Minister of Health said on Wednesday.

The UK has virtually lifted all restrictions in the past four months even though the infection rate has remained high, the New York Times Report noted. According to the government, the rapid deployment of vaccines has weakened the link between infection and serious illness.

Previously, Matthew Taylor, Head of Confederation for the NHS, had urged the Johnson administration to reinstate certain restrictions such as the compulsory wearing of masks in crowded places, working from home (WFH) and banning unnecessary indoor gatherings. Several European countries, including France, have reintroduced similar restrictions to contain the spread of the deadly infection.

“Watch the numbers very carefully every day”: UK PM

The Prime Minister said on Thursday that his government was monitoring the Covid-19 numbers very carefully every day. “The number of infections is high but we are within the parameters of what the predictions were,” Johnson said.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, Johnson and his ministers have been repeatedly criticized for reacting too slowly to critical stages of the pandemic.

(With agency contributions, New York Times)


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