COVID-19: Matt Hancock’s New Role in Helping African Economies Recover From Coronavirus Not Continuing, Says Sky News

COVID-19: Matt Hancock’s New Role in Helping African Economies Recover From Coronavirus Not Continuing, Says Sky News

United Nations Matt Hancock’s new job posting to help African economies recover from the coronavirus pandemic has been withdrawn, according to Sky News.

Just four days ago, the former health secretary announced on social media his new role have a The United Nations special representative, saying he was “honored” to have been appointed to this post.

But we believe Monsieur Hancock, who resigned his cabinet post in June for breaking social distancing rules by kissing his assistant, will no longer hold that post.

Mr Hancock resigned as health secretary after breaking social distancing rules with his aide Gina Coladangelo in June

Sky News understands that a major problem with the nomination is that the UN cannot nominate sitting parliamentarians and Mr Hancock has no plans to step down from his seat in the constituency of West Suffolk.

On Tuesday, he posted a copy of the letter from UN Under-Secretary-General Vera Songwe offering him the unpaid role on Twitter.

In the letter, Ms Songwe praised Mr Hancock’s “success in the UK’s response to the COVID-19[feminine[feminine pandemic and acceleration of vaccines ”.

Mr. Hancock said: “Honored to be appointed United Nations Special Representative. I will work with the United Nations and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa to help Africa recover from the pandemic and promote sustainable development. “

Many former colleagues in Mr Hancock’s cabinet – including Housing Secretary Michael Gove, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and new Health Secretary Sajid Javid – took to social media to congratulate the former secretary on Health for his new appointment earlier this week.

Mr Hancock was criticized on Tuesday for announcing his new role on the same day that a very critical report on the management of the pandemic was released.

Mr Gove said: “I wish Matt Hancock the best of luck in this vital role in supporting the developing world at a critical time. “

Ms Truss said: “Congratulations Matt Hancock. “

And Mr Javid added, “Best wishes to Matt Hancock with the new role. “

But Mr Hancock received a reaction from many on social media after a extremely critical report by deputies in handling the coronavirus pandemic was posted on the same day as her new job advertisement.

The report says the delays and mistakes of the two ministers and their scientific advisers “rank among the most significant public health failures the UK has ever seen”.

Mr Hancock wanted to remain MP for West Suffolk while assuming his new role with the UN

Responding to Mr Hancock’s new job advertisement when it was revealed on Tuesday, Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now – which is part of the People’s Vaccine Alliance demanding global equity in vaccines – said: “Matt Hancock has helped block international efforts to enable low and middle income countries to produce their own COVID-19 vaccines, resulting in millions of deaths in countries in the Global South.

“The audacity of this man who claims to help African nations and promote sustainable development is disgusting.

A COVID-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK statement added that it is unclear how Mr Hancock ‘has time to take on this new role given that he has apparently not been able to pass on e -mails from his personal Gmail account that relate to his management of the pandemic at the Ministry of Health or the government ”.

Mr Hancock’s original tweet from Tuesday announcing his role has not been deleted.


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