Covid-19: Investigation of serious incident after laboratory gives false negatives

Covid-19: doctors will be “horrified” by the winter plan of general practitioners – union

Copyright: Helen Diggle

Helen Diggle, who lives in Tellisford in Somerset, says she had five positive side flow tests and three negative PCRs before eventually testing positive for Covid on a PCR test.

During one of her visits to a testing center, she said a staff member told her that she had recently seen many very similar cases, particularly involving local schools.

Helen told BBC News: “It’s really worrying that some people in the system, people on the ground, were aware that something was going on. “

When Helen and her 10-year-old daughter continued to test negative PCR despite high temperatures and positive lateral flow tests, she knew something was wrong.

“I was very aware that by having all of these tests, I could have wasted NHS resources to satisfy my own belief that I had Covid,” she adds. “I felt like I was needlessly neurotic. “

But when her son tested positive on private PCR testing equipment owned by his school, it was “blindingly obvious that we all had Covid,” she said.

Helen thinks the situation is particularly unfair for school children.

“If the children test negative for PCR, the schools have to take the children back,” she said.

“So you probably have a lot more cases in school than they should be dealing with. “

“I think we’ve been running out of changes – especially the kids – because the tests don’t work the way they should,” she adds.

“What concerns me is that this not only leads to the spread of the virus, but that it erodes confidence in the testing system. “


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