COVID-19 Increases Demand For Influenza Vaccines; NS will launch a campaign later this week – .

COVID-19 Increases Demand For Influenza Vaccines; NS will launch a campaign later this week – .


With the colder autumn winds starting to blow, flu season will soon be back, but it looks like dozens of people are hoping to avoid the disease by getting their flu shot.

Unlike last year, when it was essentially pre-empted by COVID-19, experts say the flu will be back this year.

Within hours of receiving a shipment and posting posters outside, queues began to form inside a pharmacy in North Halifax.

“We just got our flu shots and people are starting to show up right away,” said pharmacist and store owner Ghada Gabr.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of demand. “

It’s the same story a few blocks away, where pharmacist Greg Richard is expecting his first delivery of flu shot later this week.

With COVID-19 still around, customers like Kathy Lynch, who hasn’t had a flu shot for five years, are eager to get one.

“I mean, I feel good. I haven’t had any issues with either vaccine so putting another diaper on top is the best thing I think, ”she said.

“People are eager to get their doses right off the bat,” said Richard. “They are not looking to wait until November or December. So I have a list of people that I will contact as soon as they (the vaccines) arrive, and I plan to go through my stock fairly quickly. “

And it could be the same all over the country.

We now know that Ontario has ordered 1.4 million additional doses, with the goal of making injections accessible to everyone by next month.

In Nova Scotia, the Minister of Health said the official kickoff would take place later this week and supply should not be an issue,

“We plan to have enough vaccines for people,” said Michelle Thompson.

“And I would really encourage people to make sure they have both their COVID-19 vaccine and the flu shot this year. “

But, if an early request is any indication, it may not need much encouragement.

A sign of the times, more and more of us are taking measures to avoid falling ill.


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