COVID-19: Exclusion zones around schools could be used to stop ‘dumb’ anti-vaccine, says Health Secretary

COVID-19: Exclusion zones around schools could be used to stop ‘dumb’ anti-vaccine, says Health Secretary

Exclusion zones around schools could be used to prevent “dumb” anti-vaccine drugs from targeting children with their “vicious lies,” the health secretary said.

Sajid Javid said protesters were doing ‘so much damage’ and it was ‘heartbreaking’ that three children were injured in recent protest after COVID-19 vaccines were opened up to 12-15 years.

He told Sky News’s Kay Burley: “You have, frankly, these idiots outside of their school spreading vicious lies.

“It becomes a growing problem over time. “

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First jabs for 12-15 year olds

Mr Javid added that there are ‘options’ for dealing with the protesters, including exclusion zones around schools ‘or other potential actions’, but he said this should be done locally. .

Over the weekend, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer called on the government to allow councils to use exclusion orders around schools.

On Monday, he added that it was important that action be taken because adoption of the vaccine by 12-15 year olds has been very slow and called for exclusion orders to be speeded up.

A total of 79% of schools in England have received emails threatening legal action for performing COVID-19 vaccinations on children and 13% have had protesters outside their doors, according to an Association of School survey and College Leaders.

The headmaster of a large London school said he recently received an 18-page letter, also sent to other schools, which compared the vaccine to children to a war crime and said the British public would demand “trials at Nuremberg ”.

Sajid Javid said the anti-vaccines at the school gates were fools

Mr Javid said local police have been “fantastic” in helping schools, but “only anything can be done” as “completely wrong” letters are being sent to parents.

He said the advice issued to parents is “based on lies” and said if anti-vaccines don’t want the jab, then “it’s their choice, no one will force them.”

“I think it’s a bad decision to make, but it’s their choice,” he said.

“They shouldn’t really pass these kinds of false and vicious lies to ordinary people, especially parents who are trying to do their best for their children. “

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Children between the ages of 12 and 15 began receiving the Pfizer vaccine in September in schools, while online reservations opened last week so parents can make appointments for their children at vaccination centers.

They will only receive one dose, as advised by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization.


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