Court Bauer confirms MLW had WWE talks earlier this year – .

Court Bauer confirms MLW had WWE talks earlier this year – .

In a recent media call to promote MLW Fightland, MLW President Court Bauer confirmed that the company was in talks with WWE earlier this year. He said,
“We are discussing with different offices the possibility of bringing their talent and making international title matches. As for domestic partnerships, this is where it gets a little tricky. We’ve had discussions, people probably know, we spoke with WWE earlier this year. You have these conversations, try to see how it would work, and the biggest concern you have, at least for me, is that you are inviting some sort of tort interference and it will happen if you go down that road. and if you don’t. Don’t you feel you are getting enough in return to even take that risk, what do you do? What is the strategy there? It can be very complicated, whether it’s WWE or some other company. It can be risky because often the talents, when they show up, you are not going to be able to control the creation anymore. Those guys you spent a lot of time building are no longer in your system and now they’re main event stars in MLW, but they’re going out there for an appearance and they’re not treated like the best guys. , you are doing them and your fans a disservice who invested in their journey. It’s a really delicate thing and every conversation with every business is different. It’s a bit of a dance and sometimes it’s the forbidden dance. ”


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