Coughing Covid liar said he hopes cop families die – .

Coughing Covid liar said he hopes cop families die – .

An employee at the DRUNK call center claimed he had Covid-19 and told cops he hoped their families would die after deliberately coughing on them multiple times.

aul Rock (21) told the two cops: “Ha ha, I have the Covid, I hope I will give it to you and your family and they die”.

Rock (21), an employee of the Pakenham Close call center, Crumlin, narrowly avoided jail on two assault charges against police on July 25 this year.

He was wearing a face mask when he appeared by video link from his attorney’s office at Antrim Magistrates’ Court, sitting in Ballymena, on Tuesday.

A prosecutor said police were called over a domestic incident in the early hours of Pakenham Close, where his father was holding the accused on a sofa.

His mother told police her son was verbally aggressive towards family members after he returned home from a family reunion.

She told police that she was worried about her attempts to go out on the streets because of her behavior and said her son head butted her as she tried to stop him from leaving the city. House. Rock verbally abused the police and his parents and was arrested and taken to the PSNI station in Antrim.

The prosecutor said: “During the trip, the accused, on several occasions, deliberately coughed on the police, saying things like, ‘Ha ha, I have Covid. I hope I will give it to you and your family and they will die ”.

The prosecutor said that at this point, the police were not aware of Rock’s Covid status.

District Judge Nigel Broderick asked if any of the police officers subsequently tested positive for Covid and the prosecutor said no.

Defense attorney Neil Moore acknowledged that this was an “absolutely appalling set of circumstances.”

He said Rock came from a great background, had a good education, had worked since leaving school and was employed in a call center.

Mr Moore said Rock was still living in his family home and it appeared to be a “one-time incident in which way too much alcohol was consumed”.

He said that the Rock was “chastised” by what had happened and that the “real” situation was that he was “a respectful, hardworking young man in relation to the horrible presentation he had had that evening. -the “.

Judge Broderick said he would normally consider jail in such cases, but each case has a context.

He ordered Rock to do 120 hours of community service and warned he would likely go to jail if he didn’t.


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