Cornwall’s cheapest gas stations as fuel prices hit record high – .

Cornwall’s cheapest gas stations as fuel prices hit record high – .

Just weeks after the UK experienced severe fuel shortages, fuel prices hit an all-time high.
The price of unleaded gasoline climbed 28 pence per liter from 114.5 pence last year to RAC / Experian Catalist findings that the average daily price per liter hit 142.94 pence yesterday, adding £ 15 at the cost of filling a 55 liter family. car, according to RAC Fuel Watch.

The previous record was 142.48p in April 2012.

In a study conducted by D-CYFOR, 72% of the UK general public say they are concerned about the price of fuel. 80% of drivers admitted to using a particular gas station on a regular basis, of which only 66% because it has the cheapest fuel.

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We’ve compiled a list showing the cheapest gas stations in Cornwall, by region. We used the PetrolPrices price comparison website where data from 8,490 UK service stations was collected and maintained by Catalist. Although the database does not contain information on every petrol station, it does provide a clear picture of the cheapest places in Cornwall.

Stations in bold are those that are at or above the UK average.

Less than 5 miles from Bude

Morrisons Bude (EX23 8UA) -142.9p

.21 km away

Esso Bude (EX23 8PL) – 145.9p

0.59 km away

Within 5 miles of Liskeard

Morrisons Liskeard (PL14 3UW)-141.9p

0.57 km away

BP Liskeard, Addington filling station (PL14 3HD) – 143.9p

0.53 km away

Less than 5 miles from Launceston

Tesco Launceston (PL15 9HG) -137,9p

at 0.33 mile

BP Launceston (PL15 8DF) -141,9

at 0.7 km

Less than 8 km from St Austell

Sans marque St Austell, Station-service Penwinnick St Austell (PL25 5DP)-137.8p

1.8 km away

Tesco St Austell (PL25 3HT)-138.9p

1.63 km away

GULF Par, station service St Blazey (PL24 2NS)- 138.9p

3.95 km away

Within 5 miles of Bodmin

ASDA Bodmin (PL31 2AR) – 140.7p

at 0.8 km

Morrisons Bodmin (PL31 2AG) – 141.7p

0.45 km away

Less than 5 miles from Padstow

Tesco Waderbridge (PL27 7HW) – 141.9p

5.92 km away

GULF Padstow, Garage St Merryn ( PL28 8RW) – 142.9p

2.48 miles

Less than 5 miles from Newquay

Texaco Newquay (TR7 2LE) – 141.9p

0.59 km away

Morrisons Newquay (TR7 2JQ) – 142.9p

0.92 km away

Morrisons gas station in Newquay

Within 5 miles of Truro

Truro de Sainsbury (TR1 3XL) – 140.9p

0.75 km away

Route Texaco Truro (TR16 5AW) – 145,9p

2.68 miles away

Less than 5 miles from Falmouth

ASDA Falmouth (TR10 9LY) – 139,7p

at 2.76 miles

GULF Penryn (TR10 9DL) – 143.9p

at 4.16 miles

Within 5 miles of Helston

Helston de Sainsbury (TR13 8BN)-135.9p

at 1 km

Tesco Helston (TR13 8PJ) -136,0p

0.54 km away

Texaco Helston (TR13 8PJ)-138.9P

0.43 km away

Less than 5 miles from Camborne

Esso Redruth (TR15) – 139.9p

6,74 miles de Camborne

Tesco Redruth Tolgus (TR15 1AX)-141.9p

5.17 km away

Less than 5 miles from Penzance

Tesco Penzance (TR18 3DU)-135.9p

1.68 km away

Morrisons Penzance (TR18 3RF) – 137.4p

5.3 km away

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