Cops finally identified victim # 5 of John Wayne Gacy – .

Cops finally identified victim # 5 of John Wayne Gacy – .

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The absences of the killer clown John Wayne Gacy from the public sphere are fleeting.

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And then there he is again. Evil personified.

Of course, John Wayne Gacy had big adios in 1994 when the state of Illinois stuck a needle in his arm, sending him into oblivion.

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But on Monday, there was still Gacy – who murdered 34 young men and boys in a homicidal rampage in suburban Chicago in the late 1970s – back in the news.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office has revealed that they have identified another of Gacy’s anonymous victims. Francis Wayne Alexander – found in Gacy’s crawl space in December 1978 – has been identified as victim # 5 in the series of murders.

Cops say the North Carolina man was murdered by Gacy between early 1976 and early 1977. His family said he was around 21 at the time of the murder.

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He is survived by his mother, two half-sisters and two half-brothers.

“It is difficult, even 45 years later, to know the fate of our beloved Wayne. He was killed by a vile and evil man, ”his family said in a written statement.

“Our hearts are heavy and our condolences go out to the families of the other victims. Our only comfort is knowing that this killer doesn’t breathe the same air as us. Now we can end what happened and move forward to honor Wayne. “

The sheriff’s office revealed that Alexander was identified by DNA extracted from one of his molars.

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At least four John Does remain who were unearthed in Gacy’s crawl space.

In 2011, the sheriff’s office exhumed Gacy’s unknown victims in hopes of identifying them through new technology and advances in DNA testing. Anyone whose relative went missing in the Chicago area in the 1970s was invited to submit their DNA.

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Chicago has always been a violent city.

The first unidentified victim was named weeks later as William Bundy, 19, a missing construction worker. Six years later, the remains of 16-year-old Jimmy Haakenson, from Minnesota, who went missing after calling his mother from Chicago, have been identified.

Plus, DNA helped shut down 11 other cold cases that had nothing to do with Gacy.

Gacy has been dead for over 27 years, but the cops never had the slightest illusion that the execution of the killer clown tied a myriad of details into the case.

Retired detective Rafael Tovar was one of the cops who put Gacy on death row. Last year, Tovar revealed that in conversations with the serial killer, Gacy had hinted that there were more victims.

Did the cops rig the evidence against serial killer John Wayne Gacy?

“So we are in the car and I ask him, ‘John, how many bodies are there?’ Tovar told me in March.

Gacy paused. “Then he replies, ‘I told my lawyer about it, and I told you there are 34, but really 45 seems like a good number,’” recalls the retired detective.

“I honestly believe there are more casualties… but the rest could be outside of Chicago. There are loopholes in his killings when traveling, ”Tovar said, adding that“ that doesn’t mean he stops killing ”.

Even dead, John Wayne Gacy refuses to leave the stage.

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