COP26 “Covid fears” and the queen’s night in hospital – .

COP26 “Covid fears” and the queen’s night in hospital – .

Legend, The Scotsman is also in the lead with Professor Sridhar’s comments, which were made on Twitter. She said an increase in cases would put additional pressure on the NHS “which triggers [the] need additional restrictions. “
Legend, The Edinburgh Evening News also asks if any further restrictions will follow COP26, which will be held at the Scottish Event Campus from October 31 to November 12. The main image of the newspaper is that of singer Tom Walker performing an exclusive concert on a train.
Legend, The Scottish Sun reports that the Queen spent the night in hospital for tests after rescinding her official duties. The 95-year-old monarch was seen by specialists on Wednesday afternoon and released yesterday. Buckingham Palace said she was in “good spirits”.
Legend, The Scottish Daily Mail notes that his overnight stay – which Buckingham Palace said was intended for preliminary medical checks – came “just hours after his visit to Northern Ireland was canceled”. Sources tell the newspaper that there is “no reason to be alarmed”.
Legend, A leading specialist in emergency medicine has revealed that some patients spend two days in the emergency room, reports the Daily Record. John Thomson of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, told the newspaper people waited up to 48 hours before being transferred to a ward.
Legend, The Times reports that a 25-year-old man has been charged with murder and preparation for terrorist acts after the fatal stabbing of MP Sir David Amess. He says the suspect “also targeted two other deputies”. The main image of the newspaper captures the celebrations as Scotland reached the main draw of the T20 World Cup for the first time with an eight-wicket victory over Oman.
Image source, Metro
Legend, The Metro reports that Ali Harbi Ali “plotted for two years to kill an MP before assassinating Sir David Amess”. It features an artist’s image of Ali, who wore a gray tracksuit and black-rimmed glasses in court.
Image source, The herald
Legend, The Herald reports that Scotland’s rivers, lochs, canals and burns are in the worst condition on record, with more than 400 damaged by pollution and other problems, according to the latest official analysis. The newspaper also states that Glasgow bus drivers have been voted on for strike action.
Legend, The National reports that a Tory minister has been accused of “not knowing the basics” of Scotland. SNP MP Drew Hendry made the comments after asking Junior Export Minister Mike Freer about the impact of Brexit on Scottish exports.
Image source, The daily telegraph
Legend, Ministers are discussing proposals to reduce the wait time for boosters from six to five months, according to the Daily Telegraph. The newspaper says the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunizations is “on board” and the Prime Minister “has supported change” amid the increase in cases.
Legend, The Scottish Daily Express is leading new research suggesting that Covid booster jabs offer “almost total” protection. It says 109 out of 5,000 people who received two injections in one trial had symptoms, while only five out of 5,000 people who received three injections became ill. The article describes the results as “surprising”.
Image source, Glasgow weather
Legend, The Glasgow Times reports that police rushed to a town post after a man was allegedly attacked. The newspaper indicates that two men were arrested in connection with the incident.
Legend, A club in Dundee has installed a metal detector and is offering customers drink covers after a recent increase in doping reports, according to The Courier.
Legend, The Evening Express is also at the forefront of the beverage increase and says a “strong and visible” effort is needed from police and clubs to tackle the problem.
Legend, The main image of the Evening Telegraph is of the “horrific” damage caused by young runners in a Dundee cemetery.
Legend, The opening night of a successful musical had to be canceled due to the continuing shortage of truck drivers, the Press and Journal reports.
Legend, And the Daily Star reports that Marmite’s price is “poised to skyrocket” due to supply chain issues. “You’re going to love this news… or you’ll hate it,” he said.

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