Coal-fired electricity on the rise in America for the first time since 2014 – .

Coal-fired electricity on the rise in America for the first time since 2014 – .

Coal-fired production in the United States is expected to increase 22% in 2021, the US Energy Information Administration said on Monday. This would mark the first annual increase in coal-fired power generation since 2014, according to the EIA.

Coal has long been the primary fuel source for the U.S. electricity grid, even though it has the largest environmental footprint.

In recent years, utilities have moved away from coal due to concerns about the climate crisis and the abundance of very cheap natural gas. Coal consumption in the United States fell in 2019 for the sixth consecutive year, falling to its lowest level since 1964, as natural gas prices hit record highs.

However, this trend has reversed in recent months due to soaring natural gas prices, making coal more competitive.

The EIA report states that coal-fired power generation is increasing this year due to “considerably higher natural gas prices and relatively stable coal prices.” The cost of delivering natural gas to US power plants has averaged $ 4.93 per million UK thermal units this year, more than double the price in 2020, the EIA said.
It comes after US power plants have withdrawn nearly a third of their production capacity from coal-fired plants since 2010.

The EIA said that the increase in coal production in the United States “is unlikely to continue.” The report predicts a 5% decline in US coal production in 2022 due to the decommissioning of coal-fired units and slightly lower natural gas prices.


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