CNN’s John King says he has MS, grateful for vaccinations – .

CNN’s John King says he has MS, grateful for vaccinations – .

NEW YORK (AP) – CNN’s John King revealed during a live discussion on COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Tuesday that he has multiple sclerosis.

“I’m going to share a secret I’ve never told before,” King said during a panel discussion on his show “Inside Politics”. “I am immunocompromised. I have multiple sclerosis. So, I am grateful that you are all vaccinated.

King and his guests were talking about warrants in the context of the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who died of complications from COVID on Monday despite being vaccinated because he had cancer that compromised his immune system.

CNN is demanding that all of its employees who come to work in an office or are in the field with others to be vaccinated, and laid off three employees this summer when they came to work unvaccinated.

King, 58, said his 10-year-old son could not yet be vaccinated and was concerned about reporting the virus to him.

“I don’t like the government telling me what to do,” King said. “I don’t like my boss telling me what to do. In this case, it is important.

King worked as a political reporter, White House correspondent and national correspondent for CNN after joining the Associated Press network in 1997.


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