CNN’s John King reveals on air he has multiple sclerosis – deadline – .

CNN’s John King reveals on air he has multiple sclerosis – deadline – .

CNN’s John King revealed on Tuesday that he suffered from multiple sclerosis during a segment of Inside politics in which the discussion turned to the mandates of the Covid-19 vaccines.

“I’m going to share a secret I’ve never talked about before. I am immunocompromised, ”King said. “I have multiple sclerosis. So I am grateful that you are all vaccinated. I am grateful to my employer to say that all of these amazing people who are working in the field, who have been here for the last 18 months when we are doing this, are vaccinated now that we have vaccines. I am worried about taking it home to my 10 year old son who cannot get the vaccine. I don’t like the government telling me what to do. I don’t like my boss telling me what to do. In this case, it is important.

The discussion was sparked in part by the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell from complications from Covid. He had been vaccinated, but also suffered from a form of blood cancer, multiple mylenoma, which made him vulnerable. Plus, Powell was 84. Age increases the likelihood of a Covid-related death, according to the CDC. The former secretary of state also suffered from Parkinson’s disease which, although it does not increase your risk of contracting Covid, “makes it harder for you to recover if you contract it,” according to the non-profit Parkinson Foundation . Some right-wing media figures have cited Powell’s death as saying vaccines don’t work.

King said during the segment, “Every once in a while something great comes along, forgive me Fox News, that’s what makes America great is when we all set our personal preferences for the good. of the team. The good of the team here is to come together and not spread it.

On Monday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ran his show with Powell’s death and said it showed Americans had been “lied to” about the effectiveness of vaccines. At the end of his show, Carlson said that he “left out the fact that Powell suffered from a number of different health issues.

Vaccines are much more effective at preventing serious injury and death from Covid, according to the Centers for Disease Control. “Some people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will still get sick because no vaccine is 100% effective,” the CDC said.

During King’s segment, the CNN chyron read, “Right-wing media is using Colin Powell’s death to question vaccines when the unvaccinated are at an 11 times higher risk of dying from Covid.”


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