City of St. John’s Suspends Growlers Home Games, Investigates Allegations Against Owners Staff – .

City of St. John’s Suspends Growlers Home Games, Investigates Allegations Against Owners Staff – .

The city of St. John’s has suspended the Newfoundland Growlers from playing in the arena following allegations of “disrespectful conduct at work” by the team’s ownership group. (Jen White / CBC)

Mayor Danny Breen says the City of St. John’s is suspending the Newfoundland Growlers home games at the Mile One Center as it investigates allegations of “disrespectful conduct in the workplace” by homeowners. team.

According to a press release on Wednesday, the city said Deacon Sports and Entertainment, the Growlers-owned group, had its access to the arena suspended until a formal investigation can be conducted.

Danny Breen, mayor of St. John’s and president of St. John’s Sports and Entertainment, which manages Mile One, said SJSE employees “have made allegations of disrespectful conduct in the workplace” against Deacon Sports and Entertainment.

“Given the gravity of the situation, we have no choice but to take this step. While we know this is a disappointment for hockey fans, the health and well-being of our employees is our top priority. “

The city said it would not comment on the nature of the complaints, but Breen shared more details with reporters on Wednesday.

The Growlers have played in the arena since their inception, winning the ECHL Kelly Cup in 2019.

The team, which completed their first road trip Tuesday night, were scheduled to play their first home game of the season in St. John’s on November 5. The arena is also slated to take on a new name, Mary Brown’s Center, on the same day.

On Monday, people were unable to purchase tickets for Growlers, and the team apologized to the fans. “The ticketing issue with Mile One Center is currently out of our control,” the teams statement read.

Mile One staff under “stress and constraint”: owner of Growlers

Shortly before the city released its statement, Growlers owner Dean McDonald told VOCM’s Open Line that the team were told the decision was made due to the work environment, but he said SJSE staff were likely stressed by customer complaints about ticketing issues.

“Their employees are under a lot of stress and strain as a result of what has been happening lately,” McDonald told VOCM. “They are clearly trying to get us over it, which is unfortunate because it is clearly a problem. It’s not the employees’ fault that they can’t sell tickets and a whole bunch of other things that are happening. “

Growlers owner Dean McDonald said he believed the move came as Mile One staff faced stress and backlash from the public because the stadium couldn’t sell tickets to fans. (Bruce Tilley/CBC)

McDonald said his group is working on a solution and is ready to sue the city if necessary, and that a lawsuit could involve ECHL as the move disrupts the season.

“There are a whole bunch of cases where we just haven’t been told the truth. And the board of directors acted on falsehoods. And now is our opportunity to let it be known. And boy, we’re coming… bringing more than the peashooter to this fight. ”

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