Christmas shortage? No guarantees, says Shapps – .

Christmas shortage? No guarantees, says Shapps – .

Grants Shapps admits they can’t guarantee every product will be in stock by Christmas

Grant Shapps admitted he couldn’t say with absolute certainty “every line of every product will be available” as Christmas approaches – hours after he said the holidays were not threatened due to shortages.

Pressed by comments he made earlier today, the transport secretary told ITV Hello Great Britain: “The goods and food will be available, maybe a few lines that you normally want aren’t, but I think it’s at that level, rather than, you know, thinking Christmas has to be canceled” .

It comes after Mr Shapps announced a temporary change to companies’ cabotage rights, to allow EU truck drivers on UK routes unlimited pick-ups and drop-offs in a bid to ease the chain crisis post-Brexit supply chain.

Talk to Radio schedulesMr Shapps blamed the ‘squeeze’ of the ‘entire world’s supply chain’ on post-Covid activity as well as the UK’s ‘growing economy’.

“But we are taking a whole series of measures,” he said, “including [this] one … that will mean [foreign lorry drivers] can, unlimited by Christmas, pick up and drop off goods in this country within 14 days.

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SDLP says ‘people deserve better than’ DUP’s cross-border boycott

Following my previous post (11:49 am), the SDLP Minister of Infrastructure denounced the DUP’s continued boycott of north-south political meetings, saying it could not continue.
Nichola Mallon of the Social Democratic and Labor Party of Ireland accused Sir Jeffrey Donaldson’s party of knowingly breaking the law and “unacceptable and utterly dishonest” behavior.
“Jeffrey Donaldson’s deliberate and illegal boycott of North-South institutions shows (…) not only a contempt for the rule of law, but also a complete disregard for the people we represent.
“Today’s meeting was about cooperation on our marine environment. With less than a month to go before Cop26, and as we face a climate emergency, it is a blatant act of irresponsibility to frustrate cross-border cooperation on these important issues.
“The EU has made generous and flexible proposals to address all the legitimate concerns that the DUP has raised regarding the functioning of the protocol. It is time to end the strategy of boycott, division and stalemate. Our people deserve better than this.
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 12:15

10% housing tax increase necessary for social services to remain “immobile” – analysis

A 10 percent municipal tax hike would be needed without an urgent cash injection by the government just to allow social services to “shut down,” according to a new analysis.
In a stern warning to Rishi Sunak ahead of the autumn spending review in a fortnight, Age UK said the Chancellor’s decisions “will determine whether welfare services will continue to wither and die”.
The money the government plans to raise from an increase in national insurance will mostly go to the NHS over the next three years, the charity adding that this will leave social services’ desperately short of necessary funds “.
Age UK, which is urging the central government to provide the funds, has endorsed the recent opinion of the health and social care select committee, suggesting that annual funding for social care must increase by £ 3.9bn d ‘by 2023-24, reports our political correspondent. Ashley Cowburn.
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 12:10

Bizarre images emerge from Prime Minister’s visit to school on Friday

Boris Johnson shoots facial expressions while interacting with schoolchildren during a visit to the Westbury-On-Trym Church of England Academy in Bristol


Johnson smells a bird feeder he made with the kids


The Prime Minister visited the Bristol school ahead of a regional Cabinet meeting in the city later in the day


Johnson plants flower bulbs with schoolchildren weeks ahead of Cop26 climate conference


Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 11:57 AM

The DUP does not show up at the cross-border meeting

The DUP did not attend a cross-border political meeting, four days after a High Court judge ruled the party’s non-participation in North-South ministerial meetings illegal.
The Unionist party has pledged to boycott the structures of the North-South Ministerial Council (NSMC) as part of its protest against the Northern Ireland Protocol.
DUP Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots was due to attend an NSMC meeting on maritime issues on Friday morning, but he did not show up. The party says it is not technically boycotting the meeting, as it was not possible to officially schedule on time.
Under Stormont’s rules, such meetings cannot take place without the participation of both a trade unionist and a nationalist minister.
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 11:49 AM

Ministers “keep their fingers crossed for a mild winter” to ease the energy crisis

Following my post of 9:54 am, here is Houx Bancroft with more information on the new allegations against Kwasi Kwarteng.
The business secretary has been accused of “keeping his fingers crossed for a mild winter” by Labor’s Ed Miliband, after sharing a briefing with energy companies on weather conditions that could help ease the price crisis.
Kwasi Kwarteng shared a private Met Office briefing with companies who said the “most likely scenario” is that this winter will be wet and mild, the Financial Time reported.
A milder winter could help families struggling with rising home heating costs.
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 11:41 AM

Head of Centrica: government intervention on energy requires “appropriate consultation”

The managing director of Centrica, owner of owner British Gas, has warned that government intervention, including a cap on energy prices, should come through “appropriate consolation” with energy suppliers.
Referring to the introduction of retail price caps in 2019, Chris O’Shea said it was not his job but the government’s job to enforce the policy.
“But if there is any intervention in a market, in terms of price regulation, what I learned is that you really have to think about all the consequences,” he told Sky News.
“I think it’s not something that can be done incredibly quickly, but it’s something that if the government is to think about it, we have to make sure that all interested parties are involved in proper consultation. ”
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 11:25 AM

Leaked documents show government putting trade deals ahead of environment

UK trade negotiators are expected to prioritize economic growth over the environment in trade deals, according to a leaked official document.
The document, written by officials from the International Trade Ministry, says environmental guarantees should not be treated as a red line when other countries do not want to include them in agreements, reports our political correspondent. Jon stone.
It comes a month after it was revealed that the UK had secretly abandoned its climate pledges to strike a trade deal with the Australian government, which is hostile to any action on climate change.
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 11:04 AM

RHA condemns ‘pathetic’ rule changes for EU truck drivers

Our political journalist Adam Forrest writes the following …
The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is unimpressed with the government’s decision to allow EU truck drivers on UK roads to perform unlimited pickups and drop-offs.
Rod McKenzie of the RHA said the so-called ‘cabotage’ changes to visas would undermine UK drivers. “We don’t want cabotage to sabotage our industry,” he said.
“I spoke to some of our members last night and they were appalled -” ridiculous, pathetic, stunned “were some of their most broadcast comments,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today program.
“The government has talked about… not pulling the lever labeled ‘uncontrolled immigration’, and to them, that’s exactly what that sounds like.
“Allowing foreign companies and drivers to come in maybe up to six months every fortnight to do unlimited work at low rates, which undermines UK carriers.” “
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 10:43 AM

Watch: Shapps ‘cannot guarantee’ all products will be in stock by Christmas

Grants Shapps admits they can’t guarantee every product will be in stock by Christmas
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 10:39 AM

WTTC: Switching to Lateral Flow Testing ‘Boosts UK Travel and Tourism’

Following my last post, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) expressed their joy that lateral flow testing will replace PCR from October 24.
Julia Simpson, President of the WTTC, said:
“Finally, the government has listened and ditched expensive PCRs for a cheaper antigen test. It will be a boost for UK Travel & Tourism, a sector which brought in over £ 237 billion to our economy in 2019. ”
Sam HancockOctober 15, 2021 10:37 AM


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