China’s COVID-19 outbreak grows as cities rush to trace infections – .

China’s COVID-19 outbreak grows as cities rush to trace infections – .

BEIJING, Oct.20 (Reuters) – China has reported on a fourth day of new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases in a handful of cities across China, prompting alarmed local governments to step up efforts to track potential carriers in part of the country’s zero tolerance policy.

A total of 17 new local cases were reported for Oct. 19, down from nine a day earlier, data from the National Health Commission (NHC) showed on Wednesday.

The new cases were reported in eight cities and administrative divisions, more than four as of October 18, most of which were in northern and northwestern China. Three separate cases have also been reported in recent days in southern and southwestern China.

Among the cases, there was one in the capital Beijing, which is in the process of preparing for the organization of the 2022 Winter Games in February, where officials have pledged rigorous efforts against the virus. Read more

Almost half of the 26 local cases found on Monday and Tuesday were close contacts of an elderly couple who had traveled to Shaanxi and Gansu provinces and China’s Inner Mongolia region before being confirmed as patients. COVID-19 Sunday.

It is still unclear whether the married couple was the source of the outbreak or where they contracted the virus.

After the couple’s travel history was disclosed, many cities rushed to trace their close contacts, forcing people who had been to places where detected cases had traveled to report to local authorities and get tested. .

Jiayuguan town in northwestern Gansu province even launched its second round of city-wide testing after a first round failed to show any positive results, following reports that some of the people with cases have recently visited the city.

Officials did not disclose how people whose cases were reported on Monday and Tuesday contracted the virus, but tentative signs indicated there could be multiple sources of the virus across China, which could complicate efforts country to test for zero infections.

Three of the five local cases found this week in the city of Erenhot, Inner Mongolia, appeared to have no connection with infected travelers in other cities, but were linked to a case detected on October 13, a person who was working in a local logistics center. It is not known how this person got infected.

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