Chefs desperately need Josh Gordon to train – .

Chefs desperately need Josh Gordon to train – .

Josh Gordon will be critical to the success of a struggling Kansas City Chiefs team.
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In the first two games of the Josh Gordon era in Kansas City, he didn’t have many opportunities to shine on the field. In a limited time, Gordon has a two-game catch for 11 yards. I guess it’s safe to say that Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is training him slowly.

“Yeah, it didn’t work out that way, but we’ll keep bringing it with us,” dit Reid. “I think he’s just starting to feel comfortable with all of this. We got it for a few plays. I don’t know what he totaled, but he will be fine. We just keep working on everything.

Right now, it looks like the chefs need all the help they can get, so whatever kind of production Gordon can give them, it will be welcomed with open arms. If Reid and the Chiefs can carve out a part for themselves in this attack for Gordon, they could be back in the conversation for more dynamic football. While the offense still scores 30.8 points per game, it just doesn’t look the same or feel the same.

One thing that is different this year is Patrick Mahomes’ turnovers. Last year, the quarterback threw six interceptions all season, and only five in 2019. Mahomes has already thrown the ball at the other team eight times in six games this season. Maybe the Chiefs can make Gordon their possession-style wide receiver once he gets the hang of it.

It’s a shame Gordon couldn’t play defense, because that’s where the Chiefs continued to fight above all else. Even with the fluctuation of INT for Mahomes, defense is where this team really struggled. Chiefs allow 29.3 points per game so far, and it looks like the offense feels the need to press, because the defense can’t be trusted.

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Kansas City seriously needs to acclimatize Gordon as soon as possible. At the start of the season, it’s clear that the Chiefs’ strategy is to drive up the score because the defense can’t stop a nosebleed. The offense goes into every game knowing that it has to score at least 30 points to have a chance. This philosophy has only partially worked, as the Chiefs are only 3-3 after beating Washington 31-13 in Week 6.

If you accept what Reid said about Gordon, we should see a gradual increase in Gordon’s production week to week. Chiefs need a viable number two option on the outside to prevent teams from devote so much attention to Tyreek Hill. Yes, Travis Kelce is still there, but from what KC has shown this season, they’ll need all of their offensive weapons to fire and be in sync if they’re going to have another Super Bowl run.

All eyes are on Reid to see if he can keep this train on track and if the Chiefs can resurrect his career for the umpteenth time. If that doesn’t happen this time around, we might not see Gordon in another NFL uniform.


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