Charlie Cox sees possible return of Daredevil as Dicey – The Hollywood Reporter – .

Charlie Cox sees possible return of Daredevil as Dicey – The Hollywood Reporter – .

Charlie Cox knows Marvel fans want him to return as Daredevil somehow, but he warns that such a situation might not be so bad.

During a recent interview with Jessica Shaw on SiriusXM, the actor said there was a lot of speculation among fans as to whether he would reprise the role of the blind superhero after the beloved Netflix series. And he admits that playing Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil again, isn’t an unappealing idea.

“What happens in the comics is that a writer and an artist will team up for a comic book series, so they’ll do 10 issues, 20 issues,” Cox said. “If there was an opportunity for me to come back as Daredevil, whatever that might be like, I imagine it would be a reimagining of the character and the show. If they choose me to do it, there will of course be elements that will be the same. Or they could choose someone else and start everything over again.

Cox starred in the Netflix series created by Drew Goddard which ran for three seasons from 2015 to 2018 for a total of 39 episodes. Netflix canceled the series in November 2018. Fans were outraged.

While those same fans will want him to return as Daredevil in a new series or even join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Cox noted that the situation could be a double-edged sword.

“You have to be careful what you want,” he said. “You come back and it’s not as good or it doesn’t quite work or it’s too much time gone. It is not done quite the same way. You don’t want to taint what you already have. If we never come back you have these three great seasons and our third season was our best review. So the trajectory was up. I am extremely proud and grateful for what we have.

Watch the full interview below.


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