Canada’s Richie Laryea confirms Panamanian player spat on him during game on BMO field – .

Canada’s Richie Laryea confirms Panamanian player spat on him during game on BMO field – .

TORONTO – Richie Laryea calls this “one of the greatest forms of disrespect.”
The Canadian winger was referring to the act of spitting on someone, the way he was targeted by a Panamanian player at the end of Canada’s 4-1 win in CONCACAF World Cup qualifying Wednesday.

Laryea stopped the game in the 89th minute as he attempted a throw-in down midfield on the east side of BMO Field. Moments earlier, Panamanian winger Edgar Barcenas had recovered the ball and returned it to Laryea before stepping back.

Laryea suddenly dropped the ball and threw his hands up in the air as the fans sitting behind him rose in anger.

“I caught the ball. I was looking to throw it and the guy spat at me, ”Laryea said in an interview on Friday. “I know a few fans right behind saw him because they had jumped out of their seats and were yelling at the ref. And the same with one of the guys on the team – (Canadian captain) Steven Vitoria jumped up and went to the referee because he saw him too.

“Obviously that’s something you don’t want to see in the game… I know there is frustration from (Panama) being 1-0 to 4-1 and all. that. So I understand. But there is no place for anyone to try to spit on someone. “

Laryea said US referee Armando Villarreal and the assistant referee on that side missed the incident.

“They were kind of like, ‘Oh yeah, we believe you but there’s nothing we can do about it because we haven’t seen it,’” Laryea said. “Obviously, I wouldn’t make something like that. I had fun playing. We were happy, we win 4-1. I had no reason to be angry. But when someone does something like that… I was lucky I missed him. But not by much. “

Barcenas raised his hands, protesting his innocence as the Canadian players complained. The game finally continued without any penalty.

The incident sparked a melee after the final whistle with Laryea still steaming over the incident. The Toronto FC player, who eventually had to be pulled out by his teammates, could be heard on television asking a match official to review the video.


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