Canada-U.S. Border reopens sees pharmacies come up with ideas to encourage testing – .

Canada-U.S. Border reopens sees pharmacies come up with ideas to encourage testing – .

TORONTO – A COVID-19 test could be booked alongside the purchase of Buffalo Bills or Sabers tickets, as US pharmacies seek to provide service to an expected wave of Canadians crossing the border when it reopens to travel non-essential.

Done well, the test result could be emailed to a traveler even before the game is over, Joe Bellavia, the supervising pharmacist at Vital Pharmacy in Buffalo, told CTV News Toronto.

“A Sabers game is a perfect example. They could come in to get tested before the game, enjoy dinner and we can get them the results before it’s time to go home, ”he said.

Vital Pharmacy is just one example of inventive COVID-19 testing ideas being offered on both sides of the border, seeking ways to make it convenient – if not necessarily cheap – to cross the border.

Interest in cross-border travel is expected to increase on November 8, when the U.S. border reopens to non-essential travel for those vaccinated. This means that crossing the border for a game, store, or any other legal reason will be possible as long as you are fully immunized.

But, so far, neither government has changed the testing requirements. To enter the United States, travelers must present a negative antigen test.

And to return to Canada, Canadian citizens must present a negative PCR test that was taken within the last 72 hours.

On the Canadian side, Go Test Rapid has set up a drive-thru test tent on Jane Street, just north of Highway 401 in Toronto. They’re betting that travelers on short trips will want to take a test before crossing the border, as the 72-hour window gives people a lot of flexibility.

“Some people have these PCR tests on the go, which means they’re already ready to go,” Eden Hazan, Go Test Rapid marketing manager, told CTV News Toronto.

And to drive the point home, the company is running a special deal on getting an antigen test – and a PCR test – at the same time.

“This makes it very easy to travel for a short trip,” said head nurse, Rohit Sharma.

The Public Health Agency of Canada continues to advise against non-essential international travel. Canada opened its borders to vaccinated Americans on August 9. Basic travel documents are still required to cross the border.


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