Canada: Meteor hits roof, woman was nearly killed while sleeping Meteor | Canada | Extraordinary

Canada: Meteor hits roof, woman was nearly killed while sleeping Meteor | Canada | Extraordinary

October 3 is not the night Common In the life of Ruth Hamilton, she woke up early, after her dog barked, like Explosion. When he turned off the light he saw something Surprise And terrifying.

He actually saw two remarkable things. First, a hole in the ceiling and second, a foreign object in his pillow. Amidst his bewilderment, the Canadian called the emergency room in his hometown in the province of British Columbia.

“God, there is a pebble in my bed! The 66-year-old shouted the call. After a while he discovered that the rock did not belong to this world.At least not from this planet: fortunately it didn’t hurt because it was a meteorite the size of a fist.

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“You sleep in your bed, suddenly a meteorite can kill you”Hamilton told Canadian television Radio Canada.

Golden City, a quiet town with a population of around 4 thousand people Mouth of half the world after the extraordinary event: the meteor which interrupted the sleep of the neighbor.

According to local media, around 11:30 p.m., several people in the city Those who were awake saw balls of fire cross the sky of their quiet city.

No one could have imagined that he would end up in Mrs. Hamilton’s bed.

The meteorite left a hole in the ceiling. (Photo: Catch Facebook / CBC News)

“It sounds surreal,” Hamilton said in an interview with The New York Times. “Then I go inside and look around the room. Yes, there is still a hole in the ceiling. Yes, it has happened. “

University of Western Ontario professor Peter Brown says rock was real “A meteorite from an asteroid. In addition, according to Brown, the probability of a meteorite entering someone’s house and hitting their bed is one in 100 billion.

“My granddaughters can tell that their grandmother was killed by a meteorite in her own bed,” says Hamilton.

However, many times meteorites that go to Earth If they are not big, the atmosphere pulverizes them. However, not enough land and meteorites will change.

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