Can a two day UK test be delivered to any address? – .

Can a two day UK test be delivered to any address? – .

I am traveling to UK from France and need to book my second day test. However, I am staying in a hotel and they say they cannot accept packages on my behalf. Is it possible for the kit to be sent to a different address than your accommodation or home?
Yes, it is possible that a 2-day test will be delivered to a different address than where you will be staying during your trip or where you live.

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The Connexion contacted four UK private test kit suppliers and all confirmed this.

A spokesperson for Well Pharmacy said the company can deliver to any address in the UK. “When you buy the kit, you just need to provide this address for delivery,” she said.

“We also recommend that you purchase the test well in advance of your entry into the UK, as someone at that address will need to provide information inside the physical kit.

“In fact, you will have to complete a passenger tracking form”, within 48 hours before the departure of your flight, for which you “will need a [day two test] Booking Reference.

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« [Our] the booking reference is WELPH + the last seven digits of the RD barcode on the physical kit and we are unable to provide it at time of ordering or shipping.

ExpressTest has stated that it is “up to you to choose the delivery address”. However, travelers should be aware that they are responsible for ensuring the kit is delivered.

A spokesperson for WebMed Pharmacy said that “you can choose any shipping address” so that the kit is sent “wherever you want.” [you].  »

Finally, Breathe Assured confirmed that “this can be any address you want the test delivered to”, as there are several reasons why a person may not be able to. take delivery of the kit to its accommodation.

He also added that – provided the test has not yet shipped – it is possible to change the shipping address by revisiting and managing your order on the site.

If you can’t guarantee that someone will be available to receive your delivery, you can also have a two-day lateral flow or PCR test at a testing center. These are located in cities across the country, and several airports also offer testing service for people arriving and departing from the UK.

Tests at centers and airports should also be booked in advance, so that you can get a reference number for your passenger tracking form.

What is the second day test?

Anyone arriving in the UK over the age of five (11 in the case of Scotland) must take a test no later than the second day after arrival (day 0).

For fully vaccinated adults traveling to England from a non-Red List country, this may be a lateral flow test, but Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland still require that this is a PCR test.

However, Scotland and Wales will allow lateral flow testing from October 31.

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Unvaccinated adults and anyone traveling from Red List countries should have a PCR test no later than day 2 and on or after day 8.

If your day two test is a PCR, you will normally take a swab home and return the kit to the lab.

The results of the second day lateral flow test can be determined at home within half an hour of the test. Travelers will usually need to upload a photo of their test to a website, along with a booking reference from their test provider, in order to verify the results.

Some companies offer a video appointment service, where the client takes the test while being guided by a healthcare professional via video call.

Lateral flow tests start at around £ 22, while PCR tests typically cost between £ 55 and £ 75.


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