Camp Protesting COVID-19 Vaccinations, Indigenous Injustices Removed from Alberta Legislature Grounds – .

Camp Protesting COVID-19 Vaccinations, Indigenous Injustices Removed from Alberta Legislature Grounds – .

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A protest camp on the grounds of the Alberta Legislature opposing COVID-19 vaccination mandates and aimed at calling attention to the injustices facing Indigenous communities has been dismantled by forces of the order.

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A dozen tents were taken down from the south lawn of the field on Monday after the Edmonton Police Department and Alberta sheriffs asked protesters to leave the area.

Officers escorted at least three protesters away from the campsite in the morning and pulled a woman out of a tent before arresting her and driving her into the back of an Alberta Sheriffs vehicle.

Postmedia was unable to confirm whether any charges had been laid.

Drums and chants could be heard all over the legislative field, with some demonstrators waving flags. A Métis flag and a Canadian flag inscribed with “No Vax Pass” were on display Monday, as songs of “freedom” echoed through the area.

At around 1:40 p.m. Monday, the Alberta sheriff’s agents began to tape the perimeter of the lawn where the protesters set up their camp. People were invited to walk behind the yellow ribbon, but most stayed behind to sing along and talk to the officers standing on the other side.

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All the tents were taken down, but the five tipis were left standing in the late afternoon with a few people still inside. Officers offered them water.

Minister of Infrastructure Prasad Panda said he hoped the situation would come to a peaceful end.

“I understand the sheriff spoke with them and I’m sorry to have come to this point because they have been warned, they have been fined. This is the process, generally, undertaken by the sheriff and my team worked closely with them, ”Panda said at a press conference Monday afternoon. “… I hope that through negotiation and dialogue they can come to a conclusion.

Dozens of people demonstrated at the site for more than a week. A protester told Postmedia last week that the purpose of the protest was to oppose vaccination mandates and draw attention to the injustices facing indigenous communities.

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While it is legal to protest on the Legislature grounds, the Crown Property Regulations prohibit “residing, camping, or sleeping” on the grounds overnight. A court injunction granted Friday allows officers to enforce this rule. Panda said the injunction was necessary because they had exhausted all other options.

On Sunday, Panda said the government was concerned about security concerns.

“Things can get out of hand – we know what happened on Capitol Hill. I defend the right to demonstrate. I facilitate this on our grounds. They can be my guests during the day as long as they play by the rules, but if they break this, I have an obligation to Albertans and Alberta taxpayers to keep public infrastructure safe and usable for all visitors, ”said Panda.

Panda echoed his thoughts on Monday, saying firefighters must be called and protesters illegally parked their vehicles, posing safety risks to other users of the land.

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