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California mom accused of orchestrating alcohol-fueled sex parties for teens who lured young girls with expensive Tiffany jewelry and flowers, according to a new report.

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Shannon O’Connor, 47, is said to have attracted 14 and 15-year-olds to her $ 4.7 million Los Gatos home, a playground with a pool, tennis court, hot tub and more.

Mortified parents described her as a tech-savvy ‘predator’ who encouraged teens to lie, Denver Post reports. On social media, she called herself The Nun.

“She’s really good with phones. She’s a social media pro, ”a mother told The Post. ‘”She tries to put a wedge between parents and children. She’s a predator.

O’Connor was arraigned in Santa Clara County, California, on 39 counts, including endangering children, pedophilia, sexual assault and contributing to juvenile delinquency. She has been denied bail and has no right to contact even her own child.

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Cops say the mother-of-two hosted around six big parties as well as a number of more intimate gatherings for teens. She also organized parties in Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe.

She made 14 and 15-year-old party-goers drink vodka, handed out condoms, and then encouraged the children to have sex. O’Connor would then watch the proceedings. Some of the sexual acts were said to have been non-consensual.

According to Denver Post , O’Connor bought his son’s girlfriend a $ 200 Tiffany necklace, a dozen red roses, and sent Uber Eats to the girl’s home. The girl’s mother noticed a number of red flags and she followed a lead online that revealed O’Connor was helping the girl sneak up at night.

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“Are you alone,” a text said, according to the Post interview. “Are your parents sleeping? Has he entered properly?

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The girl’s mother was furious and put the kibosh on teenage romance. But O’Connor was not ready to let go, the Post reported. The girl once received 27 blocked calls in three hours.

“We were all really fooled by the ‘cool mom’ thing,” the mom said. “Looking back… the red flags were there. “

Even when cops arrested O’Connor earlier this month, there were at least a dozen visiting teens.

Another said the change in her daughter was shocking.

She said, “Shannon was telling her what to do and when and how to lie to me and her dad. It was just completely crazy.

But at least one youngster was grateful. O’Connor asked a boy how things were at a party.

The teenager replied, “Thank you, Shannon! “

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