California Bomb Cyclone Causes Mudslides, Floods, Power Outages

California Bomb Cyclone Causes Mudslides, Floods, Power Outages

A powerful storm dubbed the “Bomb Cyclone” caused mudslides and flooding in northern California.

Flooding has been reported in the San Francisco Bay Area, with high winds pulling down utility poles and leaving tens of thousands of people without power.

According to meteorologist Mark Chenard of the National Weather Service’s Weather Prediction Center, up to 10 inches of rain is expected on the West Coast.

Vehicles drive through flooded area as powerful storm floods northern California

“It’s an atmospheric river that already crosses Northern California,” he added.

He described the storm as a “bomb cyclone” – an intense weather event caused when the pressure in the atmosphere drops rapidly.

The cyclone comes after the busiest wildfire season in California history, which has heightened threats from flash floods.

“Scars from burns, this is the area where water tends to drain faster, so this is where the greatest risk of flash floods is,” Chenard said.

“The warnings are life-threatening flash floods in and around burn scars. “

Several mudslides were reported over the 570,000 acres (230,679 hectares) blackened by the Dixie fire in the Sierra Nevada mountains northeast of San Francisco, he said.

A vehicle crosses a flooded area

The 2020 Creek fire-damaged area of ​​central California has been placed under evacuation warning status, the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office tweeted.

Emergency services have issued flood warnings for areas such as Marin County, just north of San Francisco, and areas of the Napa River.

Snow is also expected at higher elevations, Chenard said.

“It’s a pretty impressive storm system,” he added. “It is happening now and it will continue into the day tomorrow.

“It will gradually move south through central California tonight and tomorrow. “

Santa Rosa Firefighters search for residents trapped by flood water on Brookhaven Drive in Santa Rosa, California. Photo: AP

The same storm system also hit Oregon and Washington state, causing further blackouts that affected tens of thousands of people.

Two people were killed when a tree fell on their car in the greater Seattle area.


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