Cadbury to Launch Vegan Alternative to Dairy Milk Called Plant Bar

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It’s Dairy Milk but without the dairy products. A plant-based version of the classic Cadbury’s bar will go on sale in the UK next month as part of a campaign by major food companies to expand their vegan lines.

The company, which once made much of the “glass and a half” of milk in each bar, uses marzipan in the Cadbury Plant Bar, which took two years to develop. He said the new recipe “offers a taste and texture similar to dairy ingredients while providing a nutty hint.”

Two flavors will be offered, creamy chocolate and creamy chocolate with salted butter caramel chips, and will be presented in 100% vegetable packaging from renewable sources. They will go on sale at Sainsbury’s in November and at other retailers from the start of next year at the recommended price of £ 2.50 for a 90g bar, more than double the price of a Dairy bar. Standard milk.

The launch is part of a growing trend for vegan products driven by consumers’ desire for healthier and more environmentally friendly options.

The Vegan Society recently found that one in five people had reduced the amount of meat they ate since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and one in 10 had minimized their consumption of eggs and dairy products. In January, its Veganuary campaign attracted more than half a million registrations worldwide, and 825 new products and menus were launched during the month.

Louise Stigant, UK Managing Director of Cadbury owner Mondelēz International, said: “With 500,000 attending this year’s Veganuary… the growing appetite of the public for varied snack options and plant-based alternatives has not. never been so obvious. At Mondelēz, changing consumer demands have long informed our ambition to provide a wide range of products that work for everyone and the new Cadbury Plant Bar range is the final stop on that journey.

Restaurant chain Wagamama said on Wednesday that half of its menu is now plant-based after adding new vegan options for customers.

New dishes include a spicy ‘short rib’ vegan ramen using mushrooms and soy, a jackfruit option and several made from a chicken alternative that she says “reflects the taste and texture of pulled chicken. “.


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