Businessman calls custody battle ‘madness’ – .

Businessman calls custody battle ‘madness’ – .

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And when close friends expressed fear for his safety, he ultimately turned to retired Calgary police officer Steve Walton, Carter told defense attorney Brian Greenspan.

Carter is on trial with Walton who faces perjury charges for allegedly lying about their business relationship during his child custody dispute with Akele Taylor, an association that ultimately led to allegations of police corruption, leading to the indictment of several officers.

He told Greenspan he was at his wit’s end with Taylor, believed to be linked to the Hells Angels, and had a pimp who was with the Red Scorpions.

Carter testified that he was put in contact with Walton through the former officer’s lawyer, Alain Hepner.

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He said that to his knowledge, Walton was keeping a watch on Taylor as well as himself for his safety.

“Sometime later he said we were able to identify his pimp,” Carter told Greenspan of his relationship with his co-accused.

“It was the first time I heard the term Red Scorpions,” he said.

“I don’t remember if he said they were affiliated with the Hells Angels, or that they were a violent version of the Hells Angels. “

He said his main intention during the period between his break-up with Taylor in August 2012 and the custody proceedings in March 2014 was to “make a deal to end the insanity”.

At one point it was suggested to him that Taylor, who did not testify at his trial, was a psychopath or someone in cold blood.

“Someone suggested to me that was the category Ms. Taylor fell into,” Carter said.

“The reptile became her code name because I thought at the time that she was cool.

His testimony continues Thursday.

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