Burger King plans to take on McDonalds with Plymouth’s first drive-thru – .

Burger King plans to take on McDonalds with Plymouth’s first drive-thru – .

Plymouth could have its first Burger King drive-thru – and just yards from a run from rival McDonald’s.
The chain, famous for its signature Whopper, has been on the path to expansion for the past two years and is now targeting Ocean City in Britain, where it only has two downtown outlets and no delivery service.

He’s eyeing a former gas station on the A386 Tavistock Road, currently used as a car wash, which is just yards from a McDonald’s drive-thru.

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Burger King is one of the biggest names in fast food

A full planning application has been submitted to Plymouth City Council for the demolition of the existing buildings, where Car Wash Plymouth is currently marketed, and the construction of a one-story drive-through restaurant.

The company said a new drive-thru would create 20 full-time and 20 part-time jobs, and improve the appearance of the area, describing the car wash as “run down.”

Burger King has seen a growth spurt, adding 30 outlets per year through 2022, and has said it wants to increase the number of drive-thru nationwide and gain another outlet in Plymouth, where it only has restaurants in lower New George Street and in the Drake Circus mall.

A planning statement from Burger King said, “The application is for the redevelopment of the site to facilitate the development of a drive-through restaurant, which will be operated by Burger King. “The submission of the application is driven by Burger King’s desire to increase its operational presence in the Plymouth area, as significant parts of the urban Plymouth area are outside the catchment area of ​​existing outlets. of the society.

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Burger King currently has two stores in Plymouth but no drive-thru

“This also reflects a strategic goal of increasing the company’s portfolio of driving restaurants across the country.

“Burger King is a significant employer of the locals where it operates, with new restaurants creating a mix of full-time and long-term part-time positions for locals, in addition to short-term employment opportunities. term. during the construction phase.

“The submitted application will also provide the important additional benefit of regenerating a long-standing dilapidated site which has a negative impact on the appearance of the surrounding area. The appearance of the app site is made more relevant because it is located on Tavistock Road, a main road leading to Plymouth from the north of the city.

Burger King wants to build a single storey unit of 232.2 m², with “modern siding” in the Burger King branding.

If permission is given, the building would have an internal dining room, washroom and closed garbage storage facility, with a drive-thru lane and parking spaces.

Burger King now has a plant-based version of its Whopper

Burger King said: “The application should be supported due to its economic benefits, as the program offers a total of 40 jobs, including 20 part-time positions, allowing more surrounding residents to access work in the private sector that may not be able to perform full-time roles. The construction of the building also provides additional jobs in the private sector.

“Second, the redevelopment of the site replaces an existing development which is in poor condition and does not positively contribute to the character of the surrounding area. “

He added: “This proposal can be seen as a significant improvement over the current disused gas station which has a negative visual impact on the surrounding area and is highly visible due to its location on Tavistock Road.

“The development will also contribute positively from a heritage perspective, as it will improve the surrounding environment of the nearby listed monument Crownhill Fort compared to the dilapidated gas station, which is the existing development. “

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