Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak Does Not Engage in Eastern Stage HS2 Days Before Fall Budget Revealed in House of Commons

Budget 2021: Rishi Sunak Does Not Engage in Eastern Stage HS2 Days Before Fall Budget Revealed in House of Commons

Rishi Sunak declined to comment on the future of the eastern part of HS2 just three days before announcing his spending plans in the fall budget later this week.

Turning a question about it onto Sky’s Trevor Phillips on Sunday, the chancellor has also not confirmed whether a new North Power Station Railway a link from Leeds to Manchester via Bradford would be built.

An announcement on this will be made “shortly,” Sunak said.

Rishi Sunak to present budget to Commons on Wednesday after PMQ

It came as the Chancellor also admitted that £ 4.2bn of the £ 7bn of announcements in the Budget related to transport for the next five years had already been allocated – with the government adding an additional £ 1.5bn as a ‘top up’.

“This is a great example of upgrading in practice, and it will ultimately only create growth in all of these places,” Sunak said of the government’s plans.

Over the weekend, the Chancellor announced a series of expenditure commitments ahead of Wednesday’s autumn budget, which includes £ 5bn for health research and innovation and £ 3bn for education.

The Treasury promises that money for transport will increase productivity through modernization of trains and stations and expansion of tram networks in cities outside of London.

But Mr Sunak has been accused of putting “the good news before the bad” following predictions that the Chancellor will announce the removal of the east party. HS2 in its Budget.

HS2 is a planned high-speed rail network between London, the West Midlands, Manchester and Leeds. The project has been beset with increasing delays and costs since its announcement.

The original HS2 plans indicated the route would stretch from London to the West Midlands, then to Leeds and Manchester.

Speaking to Sky News earlier this week, former Labor Secretary for Transport Lord Adonis – who then headed the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission under the leadership of David Cameron and Theresa May – predicted that the announcement by Mr. Sunak the financing of local transport would intervene before the removal of the eastern leg. from HS2 between Birmingham and Leeds.

Meanwhile, Labor shadow secretary Jim McMahon told Sky News: “If ministers were serious about ensuring that northern cities are better connected, they would deliver to HS2 at Leeds and Northern Powerhouse Rail. “

Speaking to Sky’s Trevor Phillips on Sunday, Phantom Chancellor Rachel Reeves said there was a “huge yawning chasm” between the government’s rhetoric and the delivery of transport infrastructure in the north.

More money was needed for the project than originally thought

Northern Powerhouse Rail which would benefit Leeds and Bradford and Manchester and other Yorkshire towns was first announced seven years ago, it has been advertised 60 times since and there is still not a single shovel in the ground or a train on the rails.

“It’s not good enough. And the government is going to make more announcements this week, but we are fed up – in the north – of having announcements without delivery to the field.

“And we want to see concrete actions to match this government’s rhetoric. It’s really important to all of us in the north of England. “

She added: “Northern Powerhouse Rail, the eastern part of HS2, the dismal state that many of our bus services are in with cuts in recent years and higher fares – all of these things need to be addressed. . “

West Yorkshire Mayor Tracy Brabin later told Sky News: “We cannot have a watered-down version of our transport network. “

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Asked about £ 7bn in transport investment, fictional Chancellor Rachel Reeves said the same announcements had been made ’60 times’ without ‘a single shovel in the ground on the rails’

Speaking to Sky News on Sunday, Mr Sunak reiterated that he would do “whatever it takes” to support families with the Cost of life.

Among the promises he has already revealed are:

• £ 1.4 billion to encourage foreign investment in UK companies and attract foreign talent

• £ 700 million to be devoted mainly to the new postBrexit borders and immigration system, as well as a new maritime patrol fleet

• £ 435 million for victim services, crime prevention and the Crown Prosecution Service

• £ 560million for adult math coaching to help increase numeracy

• a six-month extension of the COVID recovery loan program until June 2022

• £ 500million in support for young families

‘I wish I hadn’t had to deal with the coronavirus and a once-in-a-lifetime economic shock over 300 years and all the damage that has done to our economy and an NHS backlog that stretched into the millions we thought that it was really important and rightly so to get funds to fix it, ”the chancellor told Sky News.

“But these are the challenges that I am grappling with and I have to face those challenges and find the right way to do it and we have made some decisions which in my opinion, although difficult, are the right decisions.

“These are responsible decisions and, ultimately, we will achieve the things people want us to achieve and indeed build this strong economy for the future that will spur growth and raise our standard of living.” “

Rishi Sunak says government has had to make “tough” tax decisions

Mr. Sunak was also pressed on other key areas ahead of the budget on Wednesday, including corporate rates, taxes and early childhood financing.

Business rate

• Mr. Sunak confirmed that a review of corporate tariffs has been completed

• “I will speak on Wednesday about the conclusion of this fundamental examination”, added the Chancellor.

• Mr Sunak reiterated that the government has given ‘around £ 16bn in corporate rate tax cuts’ to help hotel and retail businesses weather the pandemic

• the chancellor said he will “talk a little more about the future and some things we can do on corporate tariffs” next week


• Mr. Sunak said the government had made “tough” but “good” decisions on taxation

• the chancellor said he was “confident” that we will see the “growth increase” of the United Kingdom with the continuation of investments

The first years

• Mr. Sunak rejected the suggestion that the new family network hubs are the same as the old Sure Start centers

• the chancellor said that the new family network hubs “probably address something slightly different” than the Sure Start centers and that they are “wider”

• he said that the new hubs “bring together a lot of different services for new parents”

• Mr Sunak declined to question whether former Chancellor George Osborne was right or wrong to remove the Sure Start provision

The exchange took place 19 years ago in the region of Rioja, in northern Spain.  File photo: Sebastian Gollnow / picture-alliance / dpa / AP Images
Government pledged £ 500million to support young families

Ms Reeves of Labor said her party would scrap trade tariffs which are estimated to cost £ 25bn.

She told Sky’s Trevor Phillips on Sunday: “Regarding commercial tariffs, what we have said is that next year, instead of increasing commercial tariffs like this government plans to do, we would freeze trade tariffs for everyone and extend tariff relief for small businesses, and we would pay for that by increasing the digital services tax for businesses that have done well over the past 18 months because the spending habits of people have changed.

‘It would bring in just over £ 2 billion and it would allow us to freeze tariffs and extend tariff relief for small businesses.

“But we know these problems run deeper than just tinkering around in just one year and that’s why Labor is committed to abolishing corporate rates and replacing them with a fairer form of taxation. land tenure of companies. ”


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