Bucks, Nets, Lakers lead the pack for open season – .

Bucks, Nets, Lakers lead the pack for open season – .

The 2021-22 NBA season officially kicks off Tuesday night and with it hope for the league’s 30 teams that this could just be their respective years.
Of course, the reality of the situation is that there can only be one champion at the end of the eight month marathon. While almost every team thinks they have a chance at the start of a new season, we all know that’s not true.

Due to this harsh reality, we are kicking off the first installment of the 2021-22 edition of the NBA Tier List by grouping teams based on their likelihood of winning it all before the games are played.

Legitimate threats to the championship

Having the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, and defending champion Milwaukee Bucks all at the top of the heap isn’t very adventurous, but it’s just the most factual. All three teams feature legitimate superstar talents who have already won and stacked the starting lineups. Of course, there is something to be desired from the bench units in this group – Los Angeles, in particular – but until we see how it goes, these three clubs are the favorites to win it all.

Competitive teams with a solid look

These eight teams represent clubs that all seem to be in the league mix, but we’re not yet confident enough to place them at the top of the list for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few examples: the Ben Simmons saga currently unfolding in Philadelphia, what Klay Thompson might look like after an Achilles injury when he returns to roster, what Jamal Murray might look like when he returns to Denver roster, and how quickly the Heat will be able to integrate Kyle Lowry into their mix.

Variables like this are holding these teams back for now.

Playoff-caliber teams

As the subtitle suggests, this club quintet is made up of teams that should be a lockdown for the playoffs. Anything beyond that, however, seems like a guess, as there are still a lot of question marks and simply a lack of talent in these teams compared to the ones we have in front of them.

Play for play-in

Last season saw the introduction of the play-in tournament, and despite all the worry surrounding it, the event became a big hit due to the high-stakes nature of the unique situations.

The play-in tournament will return this season and we think those eight teams will be the most likely in the mix for one of these spots as they all look pretty decent, but there are definitely some flaws you can point out about each. of their lists that make you think twice before signing them up for a playoff spot.

Let the Chet Holmgren draw begin

Gonzaga’s freshman center Chet Holmgren is set to become No.1 overall as he has legitimate perimeter ball skills, a handsome jumper, playing skills and he does all of that while still being able to playing as the seven footer as it is as a strong rim protector and bumper.

In all likelihood, it is the prize that these six teams will “compete” for this season.


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