Britney Spears says her family hurt her more deeply than we think – .

Britney Spears says her family hurt her more deeply than we think – .

The singer took to IG on Monday with a not-so-cryptic message … which was aimed directly at her blood relatives, it seems. She explains how everyone she’s opened up to immediately abandons her when needed – which she finds fucked up and is done.

She adds: “This message is for my family… for hurting me more deeply than you will ever know !!! I know the tutelage is about to end but I still want justice !!! I’m only 5’4 ”and I’ve played the tallest person my whole life… you know how hard it is ??? “

It’s unclear exactly who it is, per se, but it might seem like it is for her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, which was the headlines lately … and not for good reasons.

As we have reported… JLS is under heavy pressure for publishing a book right after the tragedy of his older brother’s guardianship, which many find exploitative. Britney also seems to agree with that – and has issued a wider warning shot against her offspring … saying they better pray she doesn’t do interviews, where she could really turn everything upside down.

And, of course, Britney has already expressed her anger towards her parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, so his reference to “family” seems global.

BTW, Brit continues to use dance as a vehicle for self-expression and self-expression – her latest offering comes with help from Whitney Houston.


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