Britain’s No. 1 Emma Raducanu dazzles in Romania as she prepares to resume action in Cluj – .

Britain’s No. 1 Emma Raducanu dazzles in Romania as she prepares to resume action in Cluj – .

Emma Raducanu was only practicing, but first there was a Mexican wave, then she addressed the crowd of several hundred in their native Romanian.

The US Open champion was already causing enough excitement in those areas since arriving – via a low-cost airline on Friday night – and those at the BT Arena were more enticed when she took the mic after the session. strike yesterday.

“The point is, I can understand like 80% of Romanians,” she said, after telling the assembly how happy she was to be here.

Britain’s No.1 Emma Raducanu wowed the crowd during training in her native Romania

“I don’t want to expand, I’m just having trouble finding my words. When I was told to do this thing at the end of the practice, when changing, I was just thinking about my vocabulary. ‘

Having shown her talent for speaking her mother’s native language, Mandarin in New York City, it’s no surprise that despite being only 18, she can speak another language.

The link is her father Ian and childhood trips to see her grandmother Niculina.

The day trip north of the capital is too taxing for Niculina and she will not be able to see her multitalented granddaughter in action.

Raducanu set to resume action on Tuesday against Slovenian veteran Polona Hercog

Not only that, but the Covid restrictions introduced today in response to the fastest growing number of cases in Europe mean that no spectators will now be allowed in.

Raducanu still plans to see Niculina, but not until the end of business this week.

“I will definitely visit him after the tournament. I haven’t seen her for two and a half years, ”said Raducanu, who is scheduled to play tomorrow against Slovenian veteran Polona Hercog.

“I used to come once or twice a year to visit my grandmother in Bucharest. I always like to come back. The people are really nice, there is also good food.

“My favorite is the sarmale (Romanian cabbage rolls). When I come back my grandmother does it, at home it’s not the same. ‘

It will be the first time Ian has seen his daughter play in person since Wimbledon.

He’s been in the stadium this weekend keeping a low profile and, like his daughter, seems more relaxed about his coaching situation than strangers.

Blending in with the crowd, he was polite and friendly as he watched, but declined to give interviews, including to many local media outlets who made requests.

It’s quite a homecoming for him even though, like Emma, ​​he has never been to Cluj before. It has been 25 years since he moved from Bucharest to Toronto, where he spent about eight years before moving to London when his daughter was two.

Raducanu is currently ranked 24th after her exploits at the US Open in September

Raducanu is currently ranked 24th after her exploits at the US Open in September

While happy to let her attention, he is the centerpiece of his career and is in no rush to name a particular voice to oversee his daughter’s training.

Emma has confirmed that she has done test sessions with Spaniard Esteban Carril, but said others are also being considered. Instead of being here this week, Carril will be at a small event in Estonia with his compatriot Katie Swan, with whom he had a prior arrangement to travel.

When asked who was training him this week, Raducanu simply replied “myself”. She knows there is no substitute for self-reliance, adding, “You’re on your own on the pitch so it’s great to be independent. You can train yourself. In the long run, if you keep doing this, you will be better off in certain situations.

On a similar theme, she avoided the lure of a private jet to a place that has few easy travel routes, and instead took Wizz Air from Luton Airport. However, she avoided the crowds halfway through by securing a special VIP pass on departures to the plane.

This relatively intimate £ 180,000 event should be more comfortable for her than the much larger tournament at Indian Wells which saw her lose in the first round when she reappeared after the US Open.

There is some consolation that the player who beat her, Aliaksandra Sasnovich, beat this week’s seed Simona Halep.

“I didn’t have a lot of expectations to get into Indian Wells,” Raducanu explained. “My reflection on the performance was that I was quite tired and I think I was still a bit jet lagged. When you’re not in great shape yourself, the standard is just too high to get by.

‘Sasnovich ended up having a good tournament herself. Now I’ve had a good week of training at home so I’m looking forward to that last swing of the season. ‘


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