Britain faces ‘wave of terror attacks instigated by bedroom radicals’ – .

Britain faces ‘wave of terror attacks instigated by bedroom radicals’ – .

Security chiefs are said to be concerned after months of lockdowns left millions of young people stranded at home, with many hours spent online, often unattended.

With schools, sports clubs and youth centers also closed, the usual support networks had little opportunity to spot worrying signs of radicalization and alert authorities.

There are concerns that extremists around the world are now looking to activate their recruits online and encourage them to carry out terrorist attacks across the UK.

Focus on the effectiveness of Prevent

The review of the Prevent program has been running throughout the year and is expected to come to an end, although a date for the release of the findings has yet to be set.

William Shawcross, who chaired the Charity Commission between 2012 and 2018, is leading the work after being appointed independent reviewer in January.

The review would be a top-to-bottom look at how the program works, with Sir William tasked with writing a report for the Home Office with ‘recommendations for improvements’.

Robert Buckland, the former justice secretary, used his first TV interview since he was sacked from the role in the reshuffle last month to call for a more “joint” approach to Prevent.

Mr Buckland told Times Radio: “I really hope that when it comes to community supervision and community engagement with people like this particular person there is a lot more connection between the health services. , education, anything, that have had some involvement with this person in the past.

“And I think this element of rapprochement is what we really need to work on urgently. “

Asked how the agencies could work more closely, Mr Buckland said: ‘There may be records or information from schools or colleges or the health department that can tell us a lot more about individuals. and their activities.

“I think we need to join this much more effectively because what we’re talking about here is community prevention.

“We have to make sure that each branch of the state is absolutely working together in order to understand as much as possible about these people. ”


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