Brian Cox Destroys Hollywood Stars Like Logan Roy In New Book – .

Brian Cox Destroys Hollywood Stars Like Logan Roy In New Book – .

“I wouldn’t describe Michael as my favorite, but it’s Michael Caine. An institution. And being an institution will always be better to have reach.

Johnny Depp

In his book, Cox recounts turning down the governor’s role in Pirates of the Caribbean (part taken by Jonathan Pryce, but more on him later). He does not regret having missed the series at the helm of Johnny Depp …

“Although I’m sure he is, it is so exaggerated, so overdone. I want to say, Edward Scissorhands. Let’s face it, if you come with hands like this and pale, scarred makeup, you don’t have to do anything. And he didn’t. And subsequently, he did even less.

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Steven Seagal

In 1996, Cox starred in Steven Seagal’s crime thriller The glittering man. The martial arts actor turned international diplomat made a lasting impression …

“Steven Seagal is as ridiculous in real life as he appears on screen. He exudes a studied serenity, as if he is on a plane superior to all of us, and while he is certainly on a different plane, no doubt about it, it’s probably not a higher.

David Bowie

A young David Jones, as he was called at the time, appeared as a soldier in the Thames TV series A red cap

“A skinny kid, and not a particularly good actor. He made a better pop star, that’s for sure.

Quentin Tarantino

Cox has never worked with the author, and it doesn’t look like he would. May be…

“I find his work commendable. Everything is superficial. Mechanics of the plot instead of the depth. Style where there should be substance. i got out of Pulp Fiction… Having said that, if the phone rang, I would.

Jonathan Pryce et Christopher Walken

It must have been interesting behind the scenes of the 2001 film. The Collar Affair where Cox appeared with Jonathan Pryce and Christopher Walken…

“Christopher Walken was somewhat baffled by Jonathan Pryce, which is understandable, Jonathan being an interesting fish, sometimes a little dark and gloomy. And if you can scare Christopher Walken …

And more…

There are also excavations at Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, John Hurt and Michael Gambon (frequently).

Speaking to The Big Issue, Cox said none of his friends mentioned in the book have read it yet.

“I probably expect to never hear from some people again. But that’s how it goes, ”he said.

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But Cox is generous to a lot of other people as well. The late Alan Rickman “was one of the sweetest, kindest, nicest, and most incredibly intelligent men I have ever met. Prior to acting, he had been a graphic designer and brought the thoughtful, laser-like precision of that profession to his work.

And he is also kind to his Chain reaction co-stars Keanu Reeves – a ‘researcher’ who has’ actually gotten pretty good over the years’ and Morgan Freeman, who was stoic during a tough shoot: ‘I’m happy to say that even though he was cold and pissed off and stared at Chaos reigning around him, Morgan Freeman remained an absolute gentleman.

“To be the very embodiment of Morgan Freeman. The Morgan Freeman you hope to meet. The Morgan Freeman you meet in your dreams.

Put the rabbit in the hat is out now. The new series of Succession airs every Monday.

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