Boucher says he’s pain free, ready for Raptors game opener after finger injury – .

Boucher says he’s pain free, ready for Raptors game opener after finger injury – .

TORONTO – Chris Boucher looks like he and his finger are ready to play in the Toronto Raptors’ season opener at home on Wednesday night against the Washington Wizards.
“It doesn’t really hurt when I get the ball and when I dribble, and it doesn’t really affect my shot. So (Raptors VP of player health and performance) Alex (McKechnie), he looked at him and said I was good at the pain and there is no pain, so I guess we’re ready for the game, ”Boucher said. Wednesday morning.

Boucher dislocated his middle finger from his left hand just before the start of the preseason in a five-on-five drill when, as he said, he raised his hand and new teammate Precious Achiuwa came along. on him at full speed and his finger accidentally got caught in Achiuwa’s body.

The initial expectation was that Boucher would miss a “minimum” of 3-4 weeks, but it appears the job Boucher did while the team was in the preseason put him ahead of schedule.

“We were going through the protocols and going through all the treatments and – I missed the whole preseason – so I had more time to do the treatment when I stayed here, so it felt bad. fine, ”Boucher said.

Perhaps due to the nature of the finger injury, Boucher mentioned that his conditioning had not been affected and that he should be ready for Wednesday night’s game, even though he couldn’t play. in pre-season.

“Conditioning has never really been a problem for me. I always ran and did extra work each time so even though I didn’t have any playing reps I had time to train, I had time to train ” , said Boucher. “So I had time to train and obviously it’s not game time decisions but since it’s a pre-season for me even though it’s a real game and I have to come in in my pace, but I think I can do it pretty quickly. This is not the first time that I have come back from an injury.

The Raptors forward just completed a career year last season averaging 13.6 points and 6.7 rebounds per game while shooting 51.4% from the field to 38.3% on a three-point range over 60 games played.

Because of this potential productivity, Boucher appears to be a big part of the Raptors’ season, so the news that he might at least be available for Game 1 of the season is good news.


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