Boris Johnson should give in to eco-mobs, Scottish minister says – .

Boris Johnson should give in to eco-mobs, Scottish minister says – .

‘Reply to message’

“Public protests, non-violent, peaceful and direct actions, have always been part of movements for social change,” said Mr. Harvie. “I think if the UK government wants these kinds of protests not to happen, they have to keep up with the work.

“I was hoping to hear at the Conservative Party conference some good [environmental] announcement. And what did we hear instead? How it will be easier to stop the protesters.

“If they don’t want these protests to happen, they should respond to the message instead of blaming the messenger. “

The Prime Minister called the Insulate Britain group, responsible for blocking the highways, “irresponsible crisp” after their actions sparked widespread anger among the public.

Support peaceful protests

As the UK government crack down on protesters, the SNP government has said Scottish police will “facilitate and support” activists’ “right to peaceful protest” during Cop26.

Mr Harvie said he would personally participate in a large protest march in Glasgow during the summit and urged members of the public to find other ways to make their voices heard.

“There will be demonstrations,” he said. “I would encourage a lot of people to get involved, in various ways, creatively, in protest,” he said.

“I think the most important thing protesters and activists can do is demonstrate the public’s appetite for transformational change. Protests will be part of this movement. I hope it’s peaceful, non-violent, respectful and safe.

This week, health chiefs expressed concern that environmental activists put additional pressure on the crisis-stricken Scottish NHS during Cop26 as police prepare to attempt to block main roads, which could delay patients , health workers and ambulances.


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