Boris Johnson says there is no need to have another full-fledged Covid lockdown ‘at this time’ – .

Boris Johnson says there is no need to have another full-fledged Covid lockdown ‘at this time’ – .

Britain absolutely does not need another full-fledged Covid lockdown “at the moment,” Boris Johnson said today.
The prime minister refused to rule out another large-scale shutdown with store closings and a stay-at-home order as he answered questions at a vaccination center.

Instead, he said, “I have to tell you at the moment that we see absolutely nothing to indicate that this is planned at all. “

It came as Downing Street confirmed it still has no plans to implement the government’s plan B for the winter – which is less strict and designed to avoid a lockdown – despite cases exceeding 50,000 per day.

Government scientists have told Boris Johnson he must act now with Plan B measures if Britain is to reverse the surge in Covid cases as we move into winter.

A SAGE meeting on October 14 warned “that earlier intervention would reduce the need for tougher, disruptive and longer lasting measures.”

Evidence from SAGE showed that government advice to work from home would be the most effective measure, compared to wearing a mask and introducing Covid passports.

Yet Mr Johnson said today: ‘Our fall and winter plan has always predicted that cases will increase pretty much now and we certainly see it in the numbers.

“We are seeing high levels of infection. But they are not outside the parameters of what was predicted of what we expected to see in the fall.

He urged people to take the advice and get their booster shot, adding, “Obviously there is some evidence that the vaccine is starting to wane and you are getting very, very good protection with the booster. I mean, a new study says about 95% protection.

Mr Johnson appeared to support the Conservatives’ calls on the Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (JCVI) to consider reducing the wait for a recall from six months to five months.

“This is a very good question and it is the important question. I think a lot of people are looking at this problem, ”he told Sky News.

But he dodged, saying whether MPs should wear masks in the House of Commons, where Jacob Rees-Mogg has openly defied calls from his colleagues to cover up.

Fluffing his own advice, the PM said people should “wear a mask in confined spaces where you don’t normally meet other people, I think … where you meet people you don’t normally meet, should. I say. “

And asked if people should be working from home, he said: “We are constantly reviewing all measures, we will do whatever we need to do to protect the public, but the numbers we are seeing right now are very much in line with what we expected in the Fall-Winter Plan.


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