Bolsonaro accused of criminal response to Covid. What about Trump? – .

Bolsonaro accused of criminal response to Covid. What about Trump? – .

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro should be charged with crimes against humanity and a litany of other serious offenses for his reckless response to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a report by a Brazilian Senate committee. And if you read the results, Bolsonaro’s behavior is very similar to the response of a number of US officials to Covid-19, namely former President Donald Trump.

The report released on Wednesday recommended that Bolsonaro be charged with a total of nine crimes, including quackery and the spread of pathogens. Early reports indicated that the committee planned to recommend that Bolsonaro also be charged with mass murder and genocide, but those charges were dropped from the final report.

The report also claimed that Bolsonaro used the virus to target indigenous communities in Brazil. In Brazil, just like in the United States, there is a centuries-old history of blacks, brunettes and indigenous people oppressed and disadvantaged by the government.

“There is an obvious causal link between the anti-indigenous stance of [Brazil’s] high leader and the harm suffered by indigenous peoples, even though he may not have directly killed anyone, ”the report says.

Senators behind the investigation are calling for Bolsonaro to be jailed. Bolsonaro has denied any wrongdoing and has repeatedly accused the investigation of being a political instrument aimed at sabotaging it.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on September 27, 2021.Eraldo Peres / dossier AP

It’s hard to read the conclusions of the Brazilian senators and not think of all the American officials who have escaped responsibility despite overseeing the failure of Covid responses which reflect – if not eclipse – the failures of Bolsonaro.

Trump, for example, knowingly downplayed the severity of the coronavirus as it killed Americans at the start of the pandemic. He disseminated misinformation about the effectiveness of the masks and shared unproven theories on possible cures – including his suggestion that injecting disinfectant could help eliminate Covid.

And like Bolsonaro, Trump’s failures against Covid have had a disparate impact on black, brown, and indigenous communities. A study published earlier this month found that blacks, Native Americans and Latinos all suffered higher death rates from Covid last year. Those disparities have become clearer this year, but were known to exist last year as Trump and his allies spread untruths about the coronavirus.

Yet Trump has so far shied away from responsibility for his role overseeing one of the world’s worst Covid responses. And so do Republican governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida and Greg Abbott of Texas, who have taken Trumpian positions against the use of masks and vaccine warrants.

So there you have it: Today, someone was ultimately held responsible for deadly Covid-related failures – but unfortunately that person lives on another continent.

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