BJ Novak is surprised to find out he’s the face of ponchos and makeup overseas – .

BJ Novak is surprised to find out he’s the face of ponchos and makeup overseas – .

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BJ Novak, the creator and host of the new Hulu anthology series, The premise, came face to face with the real-life premise of a comic twist of mistakes that led to his likeness used to push face paint and cologne in foreign lands.

In a recent Instagram story, BJ shared the packaging of a face paint brand sold in Uruguay called Rainbow Art, who presents it smiling slightly towards the wrapped product tubes. As it turned out, there were slightly different versions of the same photo used to market rain ponchos, cologne, men’s electric razors, and beard trimmers. But how? Why?

BJ, who is the best known for playing the character a little dick Ryan Howard in Office, explained his parallel work as being the literal face of these products, saying, “Years ago, someone mistakenly put an image of me on a public domain site, and now apparently I’m on products all over the world, but I’m too amused to do anything.” on this subject. “

He’s having fun with it all, just like you hoped he would, and his Twitter account was filled with wacky replies and jabs to come friends and fans over the past two days.

“It can’t be what he says,” wrote the @_artvandelay Twitter account.

“It’s the truth,” BJ replies.

“I don’t know if you had a line of Greek ponchos?” »Jokes @lawrence_shaw

“I am international”, steals BJ

With the days long and the nights strange, this isn’t the first time a celebrity’s face has been used to stock up on products outside of America. A quick dive into Google and YouTube will produce endless results like Sylvester Stallone selling ham and Nicolas Cage selling what appears to be nightmares in Japan, but these celebrities were probably paid quite a bit for it. Hopefully BJ was at least able to keep the face paint. Halloween is fast approaching, after all.


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